Michelle Fiegehan – The Competitive Edge of the Philippines as an Offshore Destination

Ep 103 - Michelle Fiegehen

Once again in this podcast episode, we are joined by Michelle Fiegehan, an Australian who is based in Cebu.  Michelle owns and founded Yempo Solutions, a BPO service provider that has 5 sites in the Philippines. Join Derek as he talks more broadly with Michelle about outsourcing to the Philippines and the Business applications.



  • Michelle is an Australian and during her former corporate life, she was an IT Engineering Manager for Macquarie Bank.
  • She shares that when she moved to the Philippines she always wanted to live and work offshore, and the Philippines was her first offshore location.
  • She wrote some articles on Linkedin about the concept of community and how different the concept of community is to her, from her Australian life versus what she experienced in the Philippines.
  • Michelle personally thinks that there is a big difference between Indian workers and Filipino workers, particularly for smaller companies who might be outsourcing for the first time. The reason that they prefer the Philippines over other countries is that the English language capability is very good culturally.
  • There’s still a lot to be learned with a call center of any nationality and Michelle thinks that it’s all about the lack of training and lack of empowerment of the worker to use their common sense when it comes to how to respond to someone on the other end of the line.
  • Michelle shares that there are massive opportunities for very small businesses to leverage outsourcing for their own business success such as the companies that have high streaks locations.
  • Michelle thinks that the number 1 reason companies don’t outsource is that they just don’t realize how easy it is


Key Points

  • The Philippines has a rich social network in the expat community
  • Filipinos have their own very strong culture. They have become very adaptable, they’ve had Spanish, American, Japanese influence. Filipinos are also very adaptable and a very good fit for Western business etiquette.
  • The Philippines has a high-growth sector, it takes about 10% GDP





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