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Home » Podcast » Building LatAm’s virtual workforce – Jaime Nacach of Virtual Latinos

Building LatAm’s virtual workforce – Jaime Nacach of Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos

Derek Gallimore speaks with Jaime Nacach, founder and CEO of Virtual Latinos.

Virtual Latinos is a virtual assistant services provider in the Latin American region, connecting clients from the US, Canada, Mexico, and South and Central America to the region’s top talents.

The Outsource Accelerator Podcast shines a light on the Latin American outsourcing market and the opportunities therein.

In this episode, Derek and Jaime talk about how Virtual Latinos started and how it differs from the usual virtual assistant services providers.

Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos: Success built on disappointment

Jaime’s journey that led to the founding of Virtual Latinos was one paved with a lot of disappointments and bad experiences over how things were being done.

He experienced “issues with the people in the Philippines that actually scammed [him]. [He] paid them, and they ended up giving [the] work to other people.”

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Jaime also had to deal with “people [who] left me within a few weeks or months because somebody was willing to pay them … $0.25 or $0.50 more.”

Jaime’s search for digital marketers – or “virtual marketers,” as he called them – led him to Tijuana and Mexico City in Mexico.

At this point, Derek had to ask why Jaime didn’t simply give up.

Jaime simply answered, “… I come from a family of entrepreneurs who’ve always had their own businesses. Like my father, my grandfather, great grandfather… I had definitely always wanted to build my own thing.”

His disappointment-filled bid to find virtual marketers turned out to be a Eureka moment for Jaime.

Jaime realized “there was not too much of a competition in this … old market of 30 years of virtual systems [and] it was only concentrated in the Philippines.”

He capitalized on the fact that “there was only really one company … who offered virtual assistants from Latin America.”

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Being a marketer himself, Jaime knew he didn’t need to put much money into his endeavor, and his investments were more in his personal time and effort.

Thus, Jaime started a sort of job directory that eventually turned into a virtual professional agency that helps other businesses recruit and onboard quality candidates.

And so Virtual Latinos was born and became a quick success, owing to Jaime’s unique approach to providing virtual professional services.

A fresh approach to hiring virtual professionals

Jaime utilizes his past experiences to ensure his clients never experience the undesirable and negative aspects of hiring virtual professionals that he himself went through.

He recognized that “all of our clients … they’re very busy, they have a lot of stuff going on, and that’s the reason they need help.”

“[Clients] need somebody who can help them out, [but] they don’t want to bother with the process of finding the people and spending the time to find the right talent.”

And that’s where Virtual Latinos come in.

The agency “[does] absolutely the entire process. From vetting the candidates to eventually accepting them into our community, and … allow them to apply for specific jobs … and then we’ll come back to [the] clients.”

Virtual Latinos invests a lot of time talking to their clients to “ensure they’re the right type of clients.” The virtual assistants undergo the same process.

Jaime disclosed that “that’s kind of one of the secrets that [they] read both sides, and … invest a lot of time in recruitment, a lot longer than most companies.”

One of Virtual Latino’s selling points is the directory Jaime built. The directory lists virtual professionals that Jaime personally vetted before being accepted.

The agency’s recruitment process is another reason why its clients are willing to pay slightly higher prices by going through Virtual Latinos instead of hiring on their own.

Virtual Latinos “saves them time in terms of … hiring … and … has a whole process set up for vetting the candidates and made the right steps in [the] process [to ensure they] have really good people that are staying for the long term.”

Another noteworthy aspect of the agency is its desire to help SMEs succeed. Virtual Latino’s pricing scheme is crafted to show clients the agency isn’t incentivized to upsell virtual professionals.

Whether clients hire a low-cost assistant or a more expensive one, Virtual Latinos will get the same commission.

A fresh approach to hiring virtual professionals

Tapping into Latin America’s outsourcing opportunities

The Latin American region presents an economic landscape ripe with opportunities for the outsourcing industry.

Colombia’s booming outsourcing industry testifies to Latin America’s outsourcing viability.

The region shares almost the same time zone as its North American neighbors. This makes it an ideal location for nearshoring time-sensitive operations.

The US dollar salary is also vastly helpful for Latin Americans employed in the sector and provides them with lucrative and in-demand jobs.

Jaime recognized these and moved to grab the opportunity through Virtual Latinos.

You can visit Virtual Latinos’ website at https://www.virtuallatinos.com/ or reach them through their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

You can also reach out to Jaime through LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaimenacach/.

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