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Top 20 tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee

Top 20 tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee

List of tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee 

  2. inferno
  3. Paradigm
  4. uLab Systems
  5. Speak Creative
  6. Clear Function
  7. Kunai
  8. Impact Technology Solutions
  9. Marshall Technologies
  10. First Choice IT Group
  11. DataDriven 
  12. Cloud for Good
  13. Lokion
  14. KPMG
  15. Vital Records Control
  16. Conch Technologies, Inc
  17. Wintellisys
  18. GTS Technologies, LLC
  19. Buckman
  20. Logical Systems Inc. (LSI)

Technological advancement is an essential consideration for organizations to keep abreast with the ever-changing trends in the global market competition.

Many states in the United States saw the emerging need of businesses for technology services to sustain and expand operations. It paved the way for Memphis, Tennessee, to lead the progression to become the next hub for the tech industry.

This state transformed as a center for innovation through its emerging tech industry. The CompTIA’s 2022 State of the Tech Workforce report, states that Memphis has the highest percentage of African-American workforce in the tech industry among the top 51 tech markets.

Tennessee’s thriving tech sector

Many sectors faced challenges due to the recent pandemic, but the tech industry in Memphis, Tennessee, has a firm direction toward sustainability. 

It navigated the context of remote tech jobs, addressing the percentage drop in employment in 2020. As a result, employment bounced back in 2021, adding more job opportunities for Software developers, programmers, and IT support specialists, to name a few.

The culture in Tennessee is also a consideration for many investors exploring business operations in the state. It has a welcoming business network, a large academic community, and a reasonable cost of living. 

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In-demand tech company services in Memphis, Tennessee

Talking about the tech industry in the State, let’s navigate some of its  in-demand tech company services:

Software development

Software plays a vital role in process automation, which provides easier access for businesses to provide quality and faster service delivery. 

Part of the trend is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms where firms can directly connect to their customers and partners using cloud computing, also known as web-hosted software. 

Top tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee, offer various software development services like application development and management information systems.

Healthcare technology 

Healthcare is always a primary focus of every government administration in the world. Over the years, healthcare leaders saw the potential of integrating technology to deliver more comprehensive patient care and treatments.

Tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee have in-demand product offerings. Their services include technology-based medical tools and user-friendly medical monitoring platforms for treatment, delivery, and pricing management.

IT support services

Since businesses today are inclined with the use of technology, one of the most acquired services of top tech companies is IT support services.

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Top tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee cover the maintenance and sustainability of the equipment and infrastructures client companies invest in. 

Aside from physical assets, firms usually acquire the services of skilled IT professionals for systems checking and troubleshooting.

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Top 20 tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee

Here’s an overview of the top tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee you can work with:


Founded in 1995,  NOVATECH is guided by the principle that technology matters with the ever-changing trends in business. It offers various customized business solutions powered by technology.

NOVATECH Managed Office Solutions is designed with high-quality, cost-effective, and advanced features, making it one of the top tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee.

2. inferno

This tech company revolutionized business marketing with the use of technology. It introduces customizable solutions to its clients through the following service areas:

  • Creative design 
  • Copywriting
  • In-house account service
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Communications

As a part of the leading technology companies in Memphis, Tennessee, inferno focuses on strategizing marketing tools to establish brands and help them foster high-impact services in the global market.

3. Paradigm

Paradigm has almost 30 years of experience providing integrated marketing approaches and innovative solutions. It is among the top tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee, that customizes business solutions for its partners. 

Composed of team experts with sharp minds for creatives and branding solutions, this firm is known for excellent customer experience and desirable results in the following areas:

  • Web design
  • Digital advertising and SEO 
  • 3D animation and VR
  • Branding and marketing

4. uLab Systems

uLab Systems is a well-known healthcare tech company in Memphis, Tennessee, transforming ways for orthodontic practices for its patients. It also pioneered the development of the original clear aligner technology. 

uLab Systems offers different types of technology-based tools that provide convenience using more flexible and user-friendly platforms for treatment planning, delivery, and pricing.

5. Speak Creative

Speak Creative is among the prime companies for technology. It develops world-class branding strategies using unique campaigns, web design, and digital experience.

With its result-oriented approach, Speak Creative is now one of the well-recognized tech companies in Memphis, Tennessee, working with several local and international brands.

6. Clear Function

Clear Function is a one-stop shop digital service expert for software development, focusing on custom payment platforms and fintech solutions.

It services emerging and enterprise businesses with innovative strategies and technology-based financial platforms. Clear Function also features SaaS software development, data warehouses, and mobile application services.

7. Kunai

Kunai is one of Tennessee’s top tech companies with an outstanding reputation for software solutions and digital transformation services. It centers the fintech industry from unicorn startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Composed of experienced industry leaders, Kunai has performed at its best for almost two decades, revolutionizing financial services in Memphis, Tennessee.

8. Impact Technology Solutions

Impact Technology Solutions delivers quality and reliable support through its various IT-related services.

It enables clients to enhance the current systems and processes by incorporating cost-effective solutions in the following areas of services:

  • Desktop and helpdesk support
  • IT projects and service migrations
  • Application Support 
  • Infrastructure and website development

9. Marshall Technologies  

Marshall Technologies is named one of the top tech companies for IT solutions, expanding operations in different industry verticals such as media, healthcare, banking, and finance.

It transforms many businesses through its technology and technical expertise, providing economic growth and transforming service delivery. 

Marshall Technologies’ services include product development through DevOp, business analytics, and cognitive automation.

10. First Choice IT Group 

First Choice IT Group attends to the technical requirements of clients so they can cope with the emerging trends in the global market. It offers trusted information technology services in the following areas:

  • Cloud hosting 
  • Security services 
  • End-user services
  • IT consulting and support services 

The firm delivers its service with utmost value, integrity, and efficiency. It performs product customization to adapt to the requirements and nature of the client’s brand.

11. DataDriven

DataDriven is a top-performing service provider of mobile law enforcement software in Memphis, Tennessee, for laptops, desktops, mobile security, tablets, and smartphones.

One of its prime product offerings is a ticketing software called Watson Field Reporting. It develops and validates generated reports instantly, sharing vital information that supports law enforcement. 

12. Cloud for Good

This company is a trusted cloud consulting firm operating in Memphis, Tennessee. It focuses on higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations, transforming their value with the help of technological advancement.

At present, it has recorded almost 3,000 completed projects for many establishments. It drives process innovation and sustained success through migration, warehousing, and managed services, to name a few.

13. Lokion 

Founded in 2000, this full-service agency shares lifetime solutions for clients. It is considered an A-list for top tech companies in the country for its specialization strategy and design, e-commerce, and content management system.

One of Lokion’s best practices is the use of a human-centered approach in accomplishing projects. It helps determine the needs of its users and design solutions that fit their requirements.

14. KPMG

KPMG is a project management, business, and information technology service provider headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. It services various industries like banking and capital markets, real estate, media, and telecom, to name a few.

The company is equipped with dedicated problem-solvers, innovative and unique technologies, and built capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experience.

15. Vital Records Control 

Founded in 1988, Vital Records Control has a track record of providing excellent information management services. It helps clients in managing their digital and physical information assets.

Its product offers a different approach, delivering cost-effectiveness and improved operational productivity. One of its well-recognized products is the VRC Suite, which is used for information life cycle management for record storage, scanning, and securing documents. 

16. Conch Technologies

Conch Technologies is very popular in Memphis, Tennessee, for innovative workforce solutions. The organization is composed of expert professionals in information technology, clinical, and engineering.

It caters to a 360-degree spectrum of domains, giving customers end-to-end business solutions. Its product offering focuses on IT staffing, application services, and application lifecycle management.

17. Wintellisys

Wintellisys is listed among the top tech companies for local software development with an international reach. It is also another leading software development firm operating in Memphis, Tennessee.

Wintellisys caters to the US, UK, and Canadian clients for cloud integration and other IT-related services, helping them upgrade and innovate operational processes with scalable and cost-effective cloud services.

18. GTS Technologies

GTS Technologies is a leader in providing services on computer hardware and software assets. It also has network configuration and security product offerings, which comprise the following areas:

  • Networking and remote backup 
  • Consulting and managed services
  • Email spam filtering
  • Hardware and software

The company practices a unique style of delivery for clients, conducting health assessments to business technologies and computer networks with a more personal approach. It helps identify clients’ vulnerabilities to prevent risk and other technological interruptions.

19. Buckman

Buckman is determined to help clients grow and expand operations. It boasts a team of experts, the latest technologies, and comprehensive data analysis tools to ensure safety, compliance, and sustainability.

Buckman works with various industries, like agriculture, biofuels, and water. It uses the concept of chemistry to transform chemicals into innovative solutions that help businesses ensure safe and resource-friendly operations.

20. Logical Systems Inc. (LSI)

LSI is a top tech service provider that started in 1985 with 285 skilled workers delivering services in the following service areas: 

  • Process and piping
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Information technology solutions 
  • Automation and control systems

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Logical Systems earns a reputation for providing exceptional industrial automated control system integration. No wonder the company is well-recognized globally for controls engineering and integration.

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