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Allied International Credit


About Allied International Credit

Allied International Credit (AIC) was founded in 1955 in Canada as an accounts receivable management firm that has grown into an empire that has nine offices around the global in Canada, the UK, USA and the Philippines. Their aim is to be able to provide proper tools, knowledge and financial consultation to all of their clients and help them make smart financial decisions. This will help the client progress and also maintains good relationship between itself and its clients.

A majority of the people who approach AIC are either in need of someone who will help them pay their bills or to show them the different options that they have to consider. Not many people are given training on how to handle dept or how to manage money when hard times hit. AIC is there to help in the times of need.

• They gather all the facts and information from the customer.
• They move towards developing a common goal.
• They commit to being successful no matter how hard the situation becomes.
• They execute their plan of action rapidly and efficiently.
• They help you to succeed and then celebrate your success.
• Together they help create pay back plans that work.


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