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Virtual assistant (VA) salary around the world

If you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job for additional income, maybe you have heard or seen a virtual assistant (VA) post on different job platforms. 

Well, don’t be surprised because the outsourcing industry, particularly virtual assistant positions, is becoming more popular worldwide.

Highly competent talents in different countries are now part of outsourcing because of competitive salaries and flexible working arrangements.

The Philippines is one of the countries where you can find experts in outsourcing and a top destination for hiring excellent virtual assistants in different fields of business.

This article explores the five best countries for acquiring VAs. We’ll give you insights into each virtual assistant salary around the world. 

  1. Philippines
  2. India
  3. United States of America
  4. Ukraine
  5. Brazil 

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistant functions and salary may vary depending on the specialization and nature of the job required by businesses.

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Some hire virtual assistants to delegate typical, tedious, and repetitive tasks, while others are for highly technical skills like IT-related services and research.

Aside from a competitive salary scale, hiring a virtual assistant gained more popularity worldwide when even small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) took advantage of its purpose.

A virtual assistant works remotely, from simply scheduling of appointments and answering phone calls to other specialized tasks like: 

  • Graphic design
  • Content writing 
  • Marketing management 
What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

Types of virtual assistants

As mentioned, there are many types of virtual assistants in the outsourcing industry, depending on their skills and specialization. Most businesses base their salary offer on their competency level.

Here are the types of virtual assistants outsourced by different companies around the world:

  • Data entry specialist
  • Administrative virtual assistant
  • Quality assurance (QA) and technical support specialist
  • Customer support assistant
  • Virtual sales and marketing assistant
  • Digital advertising assistant
  • Social media virtual assistant
  • Virtual accounting assistant
  • E-commerce virtual assistant
  • Real estate virtual assistant
  • Health care virtual assistant
  • eLearning virtual assistant
  • Research assistant
  • Technical virtual assistant
  • Virtual legal assistant

Benefits of hiring virtual assistant

There are so many things that a virtual assistant can contribute to making the company grow and acquire more success. 

Here are the benefits to help you understand more the importance of having a virtual assistant:

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1. Reduces cost for staffing operation 

When we talk about outsourcing, it will always link to an effective cost reduction, particularly in staffing. 

Companies around the world can now maximize their resources since virtual assistants are not required to stay in their physical offices. Hence, it reduces the costs of operating expenses as compared to those at the office.

It can also cut hiring costs as virtual assistants do not require a monthly salary. The company doesn’t need to spend on paid leaves, health insurance, and other company benefits.

2. Increase productivity and success rate

In every organization, timeliness, and quality of work outputs are essential for gauging success. Outsourcing virtual assistants play a vital role in making all of these possible.

Companies may assign repetitive, time-consuming tasks that do not require physical interaction to a virtual assistant to help finish the tasks faster. 

Not limiting the work to existing office staff can produce more comprehensive and quality outputs on a day-to-day operation.

3. Enhanced focus on core function

Delegating non-core duties and responsibilities to VAs enables in-house staff to focus on more important aspects of daily operation. It will lessen the burden and pressure of performing so many tasks while targeting deadlines.

Most virtual assistants are flexible in handling their assigned tasks and highly capable of helping others. It gives them more time to concentrate on tasks that require more effort.

Benefits of hiring virtual assistant

Virtual assistant vs. In-house assistant 

After identifying some benefits businesses may get from outsourcing virtual assistants, we can now easily compare it to having an employed assistant.

We have mentioned earlier that the salary of a virtual assistant around the world is cheaper. Though they are not entitled to other benefits and medical insurance, the rates in the outsourcing industry are just and competitive.

In delegating tasks, virtual assistants are more flexible in performing roles on support functions. 

While an in-house assistant usually has assigned functions, catering to other tasks is not easy for them to accommodate.

Virtual assistant vs. In-house assistant

Virtual assistant salary around the world: Top 5 countries

Here’s an overview of virtual assistant salary around the world. We have outlined the top five countries where global firms can farm out seasoned VAs. 

#1 Philippines

The Philippines is a well-known country for excellent virtual assistants performing a wide range of  functions in different fields.

The country is not only leading the marketing industry but also in IT and customer support services. It is the third largest English-speaking country in the world, making it easy for them to stand out in outsourcing. 

Virtual assistant salary in the Philippines
Virtual assistant salary in Philippines₱27,351.00/monthIndeed
Virtual assistant salaries – Philippines₱50,000.00/monthGlassdoor
Virtual assistant average salary in the Philippines, 2023₱ 32,500.00/monthTalent.com

#2 India

India is also a top-listed country in outsourcing and an ideal place to hire virtual assistants. In fact, the outsourcing industry plays a vital role in India’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Virtual workers from India are known to be hard-working, respectful, and highly educated. It’s no wonder they are favorite virtual talents in technical activities, particularly software development.

English is also widely spoken in the country, making them highly competent and trusted outsourcing partners.

Virtual assistant salary in India
Virtual assistant salary in India₹21,654.00/monthIndeed
Virtual assistant salaries – India₹56,989/monthGlassdoor
Virtual assistant average salary in the India, 2023₹ 21,167.00/monthTalent.com

#3 United States

The majority of companies in the U.S. are engaged in affiliate service providers for many business functions making it a global leader in the outsourcing industry. 

Like other top-performing countries, most outsourcing services in the U.S. are in IT services, digital marketing, human resource, and customer support services.

Virtual assistant salary in United States
DescriptionSalary Source
Virtual assistant salary in United States$5,710.00/monthIndeed
Virtual assistant salaries – United States$43,658.00/yearGlassdoor
Virtual assistant average salary in the USA, 2023$3,207.00/monthTalent.com

#4 Ukraine

There is a growing demand for IT-related exports in Ukraine, together with the emergence of its outsourcing industry. 

It explains why satellite offices and centers of international companies are present in the country, including Apple, Uber, and Snapchat.

Aside from IT services, Ukraine has a high literacy rate producing successful graduates every year in different fields of specialization, including information technology, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

Virtual assistant salary in Ukraine
Assistant virtual average base salary- Ukraine₴154,017.00/yearSalaryExpert
Virtual assistant salaries – Ukraine₴18,000.00/monthGlassdoor
10 best virtual assistant countries for finding excellent VAs₴110,040.00/yearTimeDoctor

#5 Brazil

Brazil also ranks as one of the best places in the outsourcing industry. IT services, particularly software development in the country, are advancing, making it a good country for virtual assistants. 

With so many expert professionals, it is not surprising for the government of Brazil to support the progress of its outsourcing industry. They designed the implementation of a digital transformation strategy in the country.

Virtual assistant salary in Brazil
Virtual assistant salary in Brazil$3,816.00/monthIndeed
Virtual assistant salaries – BrazilR$13,103.00/monthGlassdoor
Virtual assistant average salary in the USA, 2023R$3.500.00/monthTalent.com

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