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The best freelance jobs anyone can do at home

Freelancing has been around since the 1800s but it’s still alive and kicking right now. More and more people are getting freelance jobs for their side hustle, with some even making it their primary source of income. 

Students, full-time parents, and people looking to hone their skills and earn make up most freelancing websites—along with potential clients and employers.

Advantages of having freelance jobs

Almost everyone in the professional world has worked with companies and businesses. On top of a fixed salary, most of them get benefits, 13th-month pay, health insurance, retirement plans, and more. Most people say that these are what make traditional work and labor worth it.

Freelance jobs have their own benefits too—just not in the traditional way.

Flexible hours

Are you still working with a schedule? Freelancers often work on their own time and volition. They don’t have strict hours to follow, e.g. 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Some employers may require their freelancer employees to be active at prescribed times, especially if the contract shows the number of hours they have to work.

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But most freelance setups are output-based, wherein only meetings and calls are scheduled.

Advantages of having freelance jobs

Multiple clients

Fully pledge freelancers, especially the part-time ones, almost always have multiple clients. Given that they’re not direct competitors, employers usually understand this kind of setup.

Mixing freelance clients from different sectors and industries may pose a challenge, but it’s a learning curve that’s easy to overcome.

Working with multiple clients will give you the opportunity to learn more about their respective industries, thus making it easier to connect with future prospects.

100% remote work

Most, if not all, freelancers work at home or somewhere other than their client’s office. This is because most freelancers come from different countries, regions, and places than their employers.

Studies have shown that working remotely can be sustainable in the long run. As of this year, almost everyone has had their own run of working from home due to mandated health protocols.

Higher pay than local wages

Another benefit of having freelance jobs is that you can set your own wages. There’s no doubt that international wages are much higher than local ones. 

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You can earn more without ever leaving your family behind—especially if you’re a parent of young children.

Keep in mind that most freelancing platforms and payment apps have their own currency exchange rates. Most of them have small fees too, to be deducted from every transaction.

Vast network

When finishing a one-time project, most freelancers don’t close that door just yet. Phrases like “let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!” are peppered within the last few conversations.

Having freelance jobs, in the simplest of terms, is the process of selling your service to potential clients. It’s about making connections with other freelancers and people in various industries, helping each other achieve goals.

Lucrative freelance jobs you should take right now

Take the leap and become a freelancer today.

With the added benefits of working whenever and wherever you like, more and more traditional employees are choosing to leave their 9-to-5 jobs in search of a lucrative career in freelancing.

Best believe that whatever skill you have, there’s a freelance job out there for you.

SEO Writer

An SEO writer is someone who takes their clients’ preferred keywords and weaves them into articles and blog posts.

Most writers work with multiple clients, especially if the project isn’t that extensive. They usually charge per word or per project, the pay rate depending on their skills and experience.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistance requires basic tech skills, word processing prowess, and above-average communication skills for both written and verbal.

The most common tasks that VAs do are answer any incoming messages and inquiries, take care of their client’s schedule and calendar, and liaise with vendors and suppliers.

Lucrative freelance jobs you should take right now

Social media VA

Social media VAs are slightly more condensed than the general VA. Social media virtual assistants are the ones who schedule posts, monitor engagement, and moderate content. 

More experienced social media VAs handle the ad revenue for each platform. They also monitor the flow of each of the active ads they’re running.

They often work and reach out to other creatives and influencers who may want to work with their client.

Graphic artist and designer

Let it be known that these two aren’t the same and shouldn’t be lumped in together.

Graphic artists make original art whereas graphic designers work with raw designs and art and make it into a cohesive final version.

Most graphic designers and artists who freelance accept contracts wherein they still have the rights to their art. They can freely post it on their social media and use it for their portfolios.

Data entry specialist

From spreadsheets to data collection forms, freelancing data entry specialists handle all kinds of information.

One of the most coveted skills of data entry is spreadsheet automation. When a client sees that a freelancer has this skill, they’re more likely to offer you an interview or even a job right away.

Keep in mind that data entry specialists can be found in any industry and are present in every company.

Customer service representative

Yes, even customer service representative roles are peddled towards freelancers too.

Mostly for large events and seasonal work, but this freelance role pays absolutely well, even if it’s project-based. Even if it’s not, freelancing is the land of freedom; you can set your own working hours.

Lucrative freelance jobs you should take right now

Outsourcing to freelancers versus independent contractors

Freelancers are often individuals who can work without a contract and only for a short period. On the other hand, independent contractors usually stay with a client for a long time, often rendering 40 hours a week.

More likely than not, independent contractors and freelancers are often cheaper than even part-time salaried staff.

Outsourcing roles and responsibilities to these people can be beneficial to you and your business. You can work with freelancers and independent contractors if you’re venturing out and you’re not quite ready to employ full-time salaried employees just yet.

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