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Home » Articles » Unlock B2B success: Outsource telemarketing call center in the Philippines

Unlock B2B success: Outsource telemarketing call center in the Philippines

Outsourcing your telemarketing call center in the Philippines

Telemarketing has been around since businesses started to outsource their call center services. This role has been effectively helping companies attract potential customers that could be turned into loyal customers over time.

Though many businesses widely use online platforms nowadays, most companies still utilize telemarketing to their advantage.

However, a lot of changes also apply to how companies conduct their call center services.

Telemarketing services do not exclusively refer to phone calls. Call center agents are free to use other quality contact solutions and communication tools — particularly video calling and conferencing — to gain new customer data and more leads.

They also don’t have to scan tons of Yellow Pages and call random people since offers will cover a more targeted audience now.

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What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing refers to a sales and direct marketing method where sales agents — known as telemarketers — call prospective customers by phone or web conferencing to sell the products and services they offer.

There are two types of telemarketing:

Inbound telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing is a strategy where telemarketing companies reach out to their existing customers or those who have previously initiated interest in the company’s products or services.

In this strategy, the clients are expecting a call from the telemarketer. This lead generation strategy helps reel back in and nurture potential customers, convert them to loyal buyers, and boost sales.

Outbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is the complete opposite of inbound telemarketing.

It is a proactive sales approach where telemarketers contact potential customers who have not previously shown interest in the company’s products or services.

An example of this is cold calling. Cold calling is an outbound sales strategy where call center telemarketers reach out to someone who has never expressed interest in a product or service.

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Outsourcing your telemarketing call center services

Telemarketers are the phone-based representatives in charge of telemarketing, raising brand awareness, and selling goods to potential customers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are staying at home, which makes it the perfect opportunity for call centers to reach out and talk to them about the products and services they offer.

However, you should not forget that these telemarketers represent your company. You wouldn’t want scammy or unprofessional telemarketers to carry your brand name, do you?

This is why most businesses seek outsourced staffing and hire call centers for their telemarketing services.

Outsourcing your telemarketing call center

Telemarketing call centers

Outsourcing is the process of leasing skilled resources from third-party providers.

There are so many benefits to outsourcing, like reduced 70% overhead costs, no more worries about employees’ equipment, internet, and benefits, as well as better work distribution.

Outsourcing your telemarketing call center team means saving on costs while not compromising the quality of your remote teams and their output.

Call center employees in top outsourcing destinations like the Philippines are held to such a high standard – the country wouldn’t be named the world’s call center capital for no reason.

What to look for in a telemarketing call center

If you’re looking for a call center provider for your telemarketing team, it’s important to define your standards and know what you’re truly looking for.

Introspection would also help; define your vision and figure out the number of call center agents you want to hire, including:

  • Target number of calls
  • Target market
  • Target numbers
  • What you’d want to achieve (both short-term and long-term)
Telemarketing call centers

However, the challenge lies in finding out if these telemarketing companies are the right fit for you.

Choosing amongst more than 700 options can be overwhelming, so here’s a guide to remind you what to look for when outsourcing your telemarketing staff to a call center

Company culture

Firstly, company culture plays a huge part in every team’s productivity, efficiency, work ethic, and work-life balance.

The company is your employees’ second home, and you’ll want to see if their ideas are encouraged, if they’re being listened to, if they’re being continuously trained, and so forth.

Check if the outsourcing provider’s company culture is in line with yours.

Flexibility and scalability

The right outsourced call center provider for you will be flexible and understanding of your business needs. It should also be willing to adapt and scale as your business grows.

Performance and call statistics

Lastly, take a look and study how the BPO company has been performing for the past years. Observe its past telemarketing campaigns, inbound and outbound call center services, and call statistics.

From there, you can study how the company has been doing performance-wise. Obviously, you’d like to get your money’s worth.

Take your time and do your homework to make an informed decision about your potential telemarketing partner.

Telemarketing in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the leading outsourced destinations in the world, next to India. With a vast English-speaking workforce, affordable cost, and cultural compatibility with the West, the country is sure to be the go-to for telemarketing services.

Finding a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in the Philippines is not difficult at all. There are so many outsourcing providers in the country, all placed in strategic business districts around the archipelago.

In fact, Outsource Accelerator’s Outsource Directory lists more than 3,800+ BPO firms, all equipped with their own specialties, including:

  • Telemarketing services
  • Cost-effective prices
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Access to a wide pool of world-class staff

In the Philippines, you’ll never run out of choices.

SixEleven BPO services

The Philippines is blessed with a good number of excellent BPO companies willing to help you with your outsourcing needs. One of these outsourced staffing providers is SixEleven BPO.

SixEleven is the first Davao-based solution-oriented contact center designed to provide excellent sales, marketing, and customer support.

This outsourcing company provides an unparalleled class of service, flexible management and staffing, cost-effective pricing, and over 15 years of business expertise.

The company offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Lead generation and telemarketing services
  • Booking and order-taking
  • Technical support
  • Email and chat support
  • Inbound customer support
  • Data entry and research
  • Helpdesk services
  • Document processing and quality control validation

SixEleven’s customizable packages and diverse pool of dedicated and professional talents can be exactly what your company needs.

For more information, feel free to visit their website at www.sixelevenbpo.com.

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