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Targeted digital marketing 101

If you dabble into the world of online sales campaigns, you must’ve seen the words targeted digital marketing thrown somewhere into the mix.

It has been trending due to the fact that digital marketing channels have been seeing exponential growth for the past few years.

But what is targeted digital marketing exactly? Is it different from other popular online campaigns? These questions are what we’re going to answer in today’s piece.

Defining targeted digital marketing

What is targeted digital marketing? To answer this simply, it’s a much more potent, specific branch of online campaigns. Marketers use data analytics to pinpoint campaigns that a certain demographic positively reacts to.

On the other hand, targeted online campaigning also includes making specific ads and content to cater to different sets of consumers.

How companies use targeted digital marketing strategies

Businesses and companies use targeted tactics to ensure that their online campaigns are reaching their intended audience.

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Given that they’ve identified their target market beforehand, they use different strategies to send well-curated content and messages across different platforms and mediums.

The campaigns team gives their all to make these campaigns take off, and targeted online campaigns ensure that their effort would pay off.

How companies use targeted digital marketing strategies

4 popular targeted digital marketing strategies to try in 2023

Among all strategies out there, these four approaches are what experts utilize when rolling out targeted marketing campaigns.

One common thing about them is they allow consumers to have the freedom to share the content that they can relate to.

Sharing online content is equivalent to the traditional “word of mouth” marketing tactic.

Social media marketing

One of the oldest, and most likely to pay off, strategies is social media marketing (SMM).

SMM is relatively easy to do once you’ve got the basics down. With social media platforms having their own subset of facilities for businesses, it seems wrong to skip this marketing strategy altogether.

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In addition, social media sites also provide data pertaining to their audience as well — a helpful tool that businesses can use.

Handing over social media marketing to a reputable outsourcing firm like MVP Asia Pacific also significantly improves marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing

It’s been proven that most searches and online transactions nowadays are done on mobile devices. This means that targeted online campaigns don’t stop at optimizing content and ads for computers and web browsers.

More so, teams have been outsourcing their app and mobile web development to freelancers, independent contractors, and others just to meet demands.

Influencer outreach

You can practically find influencers and content creators on every content-sharing platform nowadays. So, the next best possible course of action is to reach out to them for a potential partnership.

Of course, companies need to assess these influencers first to know if their audience is aligned with the business’s target market. If it is, it’s just a matter of meetings and the eventual contract signing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best-targeted online strategies. 

Not only does it play well with the rest on this list, but it also challenges boundaries when it comes to creating content that’s related and marketable.

SEO best practices ensure that every bit of written content is up to par with the golden standards.

4 popular targeted digital marketing strategies to try in 2023

How can demographics help targeted digital marketing campaigns?

Demographics is the umbrella term for the characteristics that distinguish particular subsectors of an audience. To put it simply, it’s akin to putting labels on groups of people.

Labeling audiences is a great way to ensure that each campaign will directly connect with the right people. That way, the marketing team’s efforts won’t go to waste.

5 crucial targeted online marketing demographics

These demographics are just some of the most important labels that companies use to monitor their target market.

For instance, if they see an age group interacting more with their old campaigns, that activity might prompt them to rehash old content.

Age groups

Age groups can be divided into children, teens, young adults, middle-aged, and seniors, but that’s just one way to further specify this demographic.

Sex and gender

Most social media platforms nowadays ask for someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and pronouns for inclusivity. 

Businesses are provided this data so that they can cater their content to be more welcoming for everyone.

Social standing

Social standing can mean a lot of different things, but in this context, it means the way of living. For instance, a person of unlimited means can have a more expensive taste than others. 

This kind of activity prompts the company to come up with a customer profile for that certain demographic. Businesses often adapt brand archetypes to reflect the majority of their customers.


In some cases, occupation can only be defined as employed, student, or unemployed. But as times change, the implications of this demographic shift as well.

Hobbies, likes, and dislikes

These three are considered to be the surface level of each and every member of the audience. Some people tend to “like” everything they see on their timeline, while others like to curate their experiences.

How can demographics help targeted digital marketing campaigns?

The major difference between traditional marketing and targeted digital marketing

One of the most obvious differences between traditional and online marketing is the medium through which content is delivered.

Traditional campaigns tend to focus on print and broadcast media. What we see on public spaces—billboards, newspapers, posters, are all traditional means of campaigning. While some can be outright personal, such as notes and mailers, these methods are almost out of date.

On the other hand, interactions happen more quickly over the internet now — through personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And this is at the heart of digital marketing in general. Online campaigns can more efficiently target individuals, making sure that their experience is one of a kind.

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