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Remote jobs: Where to find them in 2024

Remote jobs Where to find them in 2022

There seems to be a flux of jobs that offer 100% remote (or at least flexible) arrangements. With almost everyone wanting to stay and work at home, this seems to be a feasible solution. 

One of the benefits of working remotely is that you could do a lot more things given your freedom. No more hassle with commuting and driving and no more extra expenses.

The gig economy—with the likes of remote assistants and freelancers—has seen exponential growth throughout the years.

Who’s to say that working in an office from 9-to-5 is more lucrative than being a remote employee? If they have the skills (and the equipment), they’d be doing the same responsibilities for a better pay cut.

Some of the most lucrative jobs out there are done virtually, so let’s take a look at some of them. 

Where to find remote jobs as a freelancer

Finding a remote job isn’t as easy as going on a job board. Most of the time, people have to market themselves, especially if they’re a freelancer. If they’re just starting out, there are a handful of opportunities for them to consider.

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Being familiar with freelancing sites, such as Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and OnlineJobs.ph, would be helpful as most employers find independent contractors on these platforms.

The market isn’t as saturated as they say; aspiring freelancers just have to acquire the right kind of skills to give themselves an edge. Even for a job as simple as data entry, they still have to rise above the other applicants.

Top 3 entry-level remote jobs that pay well 

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an office worker who wants the flexibility of remote work, here are entry-level remote jobs you can consider as you venture into the world of remote working.

Data entry

The process of taking paperwork and digitizing it by inputting data into a word processor is called data entry. A non-voice and non-customer-facing job, data entry is one of the most prolific remote jobs out there. 

Starting with a simple skill of fast typing and attention to detail, almost everyone can hack it out with this job. Considered a back-office job, data entry is an important part of any department in any company.

Content production

One of the perks of being in the creative field is that projects run all year. There is no shortage of projects involving graphics, artistry, production, and content creation. From social media banners to landing pages and blogs, it seems like they can pick up terms they want to work on.

Tip for freelancers: If you find yourself gravitating toward the creative side of things, make sure to update your portfolio. Chances are, prospective employers would like to see your past outputs and work.

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Top 3 entry-level remote jobs that pay well

Virtual assistance

The “we don’t have the same 24 hours” adage rings true for people who have to juggle tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. This is why most people would rather have online assistants to take care of non-core projects and tasks for them.

For the uninitiated, virtual assistants or VAs often take the role of assisting their clients on a day-to-day basis. Most of them do administrative tasks of taking messages, creating reports, and doing presentations. 

In short, VAs take upon different tasks to ease their client’s workday.

What is a remote assistant?

A remote assistant—also known as a virtual assistant (VA)is a professional that assists in the company’s various tasks. They perform their jobs in a virtual environment and often do work that takes up your time, such as administrative and clerical tasks.

Online assistants also wear different hats in order to serve their job’s purpose.

Being a VA usually spans across different practices—there are creative VAs, real estate VAs, data entry VAs, and more. 

The difference between virtual executive assistants and personal assistants

Just like their traditional counterparts, virtual executive assistants and personal assistants have their own differences. The word “assistant” rings “coffee runs, presentations, and meeting minutes” but the role is so much more than that.

Virtual executive assistants (EA) work with higher-ups and senior executives, so to speak. They often take on heavier workloads than those of personal assistants. Virtual EAs usually liaise with clients and vendors too, scheduling meetings with them and their clients.

What is a remote assistant
What is a remote assistant?

Remote jobs as the future of employment

Many employers have realized that most desk jobs can be done online, hence the sudden influx of hiring posts for remote-only positions. While some jobs can be done 100% remotely, there are positions that require face-to-face interaction.

For processes that can be completed remotely, delegating them to BPO firms like Remote Employee can prove to be cost-effective solution for businesses.

As of this time, it’s hard to say if what is the future like for remote job employment—some people simply aren’t ready to take their roles remotely. 

Meanwhile, it is a fact that remote jobs are no longer limited to freelancing platforms, and many top companies around the world have already embraced remote work. 

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