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8 tips to manage business growth

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This article is a submission by D&V Philippines. D&V Philippines has years of experience in the accounting and finance industry. This third-party services company can generate the financial reports you need to make real-time financial decisions. 

The needs and objectives of your company change as it grows. Your business might be incurring more costs now because of the extensive marketing campaigns you need to launch to reach your audience.

It can also be because of higher expenses to keep all your branches operational and profitable. You might need to hire new employees to fill additional positions in your organization.

It’s impossible to manage business growth on your own. To get you started, here are the tips you can apply to help you manage business growth.

Common challenges when you manage business growth

As a growing business, you will naturally face challenges that can stagnate or hinder your progress once ignored. Here are some of them.

  • Cash flow management. Good cash flow management is needed to support business growth. However, the more your operation expands, the more challenging it is to singlehandedly monitor your expenses.
  • Building your company culture. Your company culture becomes increasingly affected by the changing need to consider your employee’s welfare, as well as your management team’s knowledge and development.
  • Keeping up with the changing market. Industries constantly change, especially with the influence of technology and market trends.
portrait of a group of coworkers working together on a laptop in an office
Common challenges when you manage business growth

Tips to help you manage business growth

There is a way for you to manage business growth and turn your challenges into opportunities for improvement. These are some of the tips and best practices to manage business growth. 

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Create management groups

As your company expands and your employees increase in number, you can’t manage all of them simultaneously. You’ll have to focus your efforts on decision-making, analysis, creative thinking, and leading your organization to new heights.

Once this time arrives, create hierarchies within your company to manage business growth. Designate leaders that manage a certain number of team members. This simplifies the tasks each group does and makes it easier to delegate work.

Effective leadership hiring is a good option to screen and hire potential leaders, whether from your in-house teams or outside applications.

However, as a leader, you have to be available to all of your employees. Implement processes and practices that allow for open communication between the management and the rank-and-file employees. Use all tools and technology at your disposal to make communicating with each other easy. 

Train internal leaders 

Enhance the leadership skills of your management group so you can build a competitive and experienced team and manage business growth. This approach allows top-level managers to concentrate on strategic planning and implementation.

Send the different tiers of your management team to conferences and seminars to learn more about best practices they can use. You can offer certificate programs so they can hone their leadership skills.

Communicate and implement promotion performance metrics to your employees. Doing so shows them the goals posts they need to surpass to merit promotion and earn a leadership role.  

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Define responsibilities clearly

As the number of your employees increases, you’ll need to define the roles and responsibilities of each employee. A clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities allows your employees to focus on their areas of expertise.

Apart from this, defined roles enable you to identify who is responsible and accountable for each ongoing campaign. This makes it easier for your management team to identify who deserves a raise, promotion, or acknowledgment for a job well done.

Assign tasks 

Everyone has a role and contributes to the success of your organization. The best way to utilize this is through effective workload management between teams.

Delegate tasks to experienced employees who have the skills to complete them. This allows you to distribute the workload and boost the efficiency and productivity of each team. Establish performance indicators so that you’ll know if an employee performs up to your standards

Create a quality control process so that you can monitor the progress of each team.

Identify priorities

Your team might receive tons of work and several projects they need to finish. They won’t be able to finish all of this in a day or even in a week. This is when you should identify priorities and delegate tasks that fall into this category to your employees.

Create sub-tiers for priority tasks such as high, medium, or low. Include the deadline for the work they need to submit when ranking priorities. This gets work done efficiently and allows your team to complete projects on time. 

Improve current processes 

Assess your current operational processes to identify areas for improvement or possible replacements. This streamlines redundancies and reduces mistakes along the pipeline of tasks and projects.

You might need to replace your team’s old workflows and tools because of the increase in workload or additional employees. Replacing them with scalable technology and workflows provide your company with the flexibility it needs as it expands.  

Provide training and onboarding

A growing organization needs to adapt to changes in their industry and the changing needs of the labor force.

Update and hone the skills and know-how of your employees through regular training and certifications. Upskilling your team improves their productivity and efficiency whenever you assign new projects and tasks.  

Whenever you hire new employees, make sure you onboard them properly. Create a program that introduces your company’s values, management team, processes, workflows, and the teams they’ll most likely work with. This approach eases them into your organization and prepares them for their jobs. 

cropped shot of coworkers working together in an office
Tips to help you manage business growth

Consider shared services

The shared services model requires your company to share resources with everyone in your organization.

Implementing this approach means that you centralize resources instead of distinguishing them into categories or groups. Some of the services included in this model are finance, human resources, and payroll.

One of the main benefits of this model is that it allows you to maximize resources and reduce costs because you use a shared resource pool. It also requires you to standardize your processes because of the centralization you need to implement.

The best way to manage business growth

These are the tips and best practices you can implement to manage your growing company. You can use a combination of these to determine which approach suits the needs and objectives of your organization.

Understandably, you might find managing your business growth difficult with your team alone. You might still find challenges in expanding your business, especially in people management. When this happens, it’s time for you to consider outsourcing some of your operations to service providers that can help.


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