Lead generation for financial advisors: is it necessary to outsource?

Lead Generation for Financial Advisors: Is it Necessary to Outsource?

Nearly all financial advisors find both lead generation and business growth, challenging. Finding prospects to persuade to pay you for your advice is quite hard; thus, the question as to whether or not it is advantageous to resort to insurance agency outsourcing arises.

Is it practical to have insurance outsourcing companies make the efforts in bringing in clients for you?

If you think that your marketing strategy in producing high-value leads costs higher than when you have outsourced insurance professionals perform the duties for you, you might want to consider outsourcing your insurance lead generation.

Insurance lead generation benefits

Here are some of the advantages of insurance lead generation for a company:

1. Increased potential of getting high-value leads

Insurance outsourcing companies double their efforts in engaging themselves in Public Relations, advertising, or marketing. These lead generation experts are results-driven, mainly because they would not get paid unless they bring in leads to you. Plus, like when you prepare a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Solicitor Agreement, a contract can bind these outsource insurance professionals to deliver quality leads.

Lead generation for financial advisors
Increased potential of getting high-value leads

2. Filters your leads’ credentials better

The quality of leads matters. When you have low-quality leads, you are more likely to waste your time on explaining things to people who only want to get specifics for additional knowledge without intending to purchase anything. You would rather spend time and effort on high-value leads to improve sales.


When you outsource insurance lead generation, the third-party company ensures that your leads are filtered accordingly. They exert efforts from continually improving content targeting and cultivating social media skills and efforts to optimizing conversion.

Lead generation for financial advisors
Filters your leads’ credentials better


3. Build your network with regional lead generation

A local lead generation is a compelling approach that companies use to grow the number of their prospects. Bringing in local clients is an excellent start for expanding strategies to new regions. External agencies aim high in acquiring more high-quality leads by directly engaging with customers and regarding this as a top priority.

Lead generation for financial advisors
Build your network with regional lead generation

Outsource appointment setting advantages

For most start-up companies, ensuring that the business stays competitive can be a bit challenging. One of the common reasons is the cost of staffing. Regardless of the downtimes, all employees must be given their salaries unlike when outsourcing you’re only obliged to pay for the hours worked; thus, allowing you to have a steady control over your budget.

Lead generation for financial advisors
Outsource appointment setting advantages

Below are more benefits of outsourcing appointment setting:

1.Easily spot available schedules

The professional third-party appointment setters’ primary focus is setting up an appointment which means that they have full access to the appointment system. Since they need not do anything else but ensure quality appointments, they tend to see available schedules right away.

2.Increase your schedule’s flexibility

When you outsource appointment setting, this particular process will no longer be your problem. It’s the outsource professionals’ responsibility to ensure that all the appointments fit your schedule. In addition, they are the ones to focus on metrics and gather information so you can take the burden off of yourself. Without stressing too much on this operation, you can focus more on doing what you do best and have time to conceptualize how to improve some of your business components.


3.Adapt to the demand with ease

Outsourcing companies can adjust their services as needed. They can ramp services and workforce up or down based on your business objective or the pressure on your budget. This is an element to consider especially for start-up companies as more often than not, cash flow is what commonly hinders their business’ continuity.

Improve your insurance agency customer experience

Here are some key factors to consider to guarantee customer satisfaction:

Insurance Business Process Outsourcing

To outsource the insurance business process can be an excellent stepping stone towards strategy expansion to other areas; thus, establishing a market of broader scope. Significantly, having insurance outsourcing companies take over some of your business activities and processes allows you to have a smooth flow in your core operations. This is a way to ensure that your clients only get superior experience from you and your third-party service provider.

Insurance outsourcing companies

Insurance outsourcing companies are external organizations offering various services with the primary purpose of making the business process easier for their clients. They are ready to handle tasks that the main insurance companies delegate such as appointment setting, lead generation, transcription, data entry, and more. This aspect helps free up internal resources and allow them to concentrate on their core processes.

Outsource insurance professionals

Outsource insurance professionals are the ones hired, trained, certified, and equipped with knowledge about various or specific insurance business operations by external agencies. In some cases, they are independent contractors that small or start-up businesses may consider hiring to handle some transactional activities.

Lead generation and the entire insurance business process can be tough for financial advisors; hence, seeking assistance from experienced third-party insurance agencies and professionals can be a smart idea.

Lead generation for financial advisors
Improve your insurance agency customer experience

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