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6 best practices to improve client relations post-engagement

6 best practices to improve client relations post-engagement

This article is a submission by D&V Philippines. D&V Philippines has years of experience in the accounting and finance industry. This third-party services company can generate the financial reports you need to make real-time financial decisions. 

One factor that sets the top companies apart from the rest is their ability to retain clients. Some organizations can convince clients they are the ideal business partners.

However, their partnership doesn’t last long because of poor engagement. Despite making claims to solve clients’ pain points, they fail to address them.

As the business relationship goes on, a client realizes they don’t share the same values and culture as their partner. 

It’s important to pour resources into attracting clients and getting their signatures on your contract. However, you should also invest in what comes after onboarding.

Improving engagement also boosts client relations and retention. 

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6 best practices for better client relations after engagement

Here are six ways to improve your client engagement: 

1. Match the culture and preferences of your clients

Corporate culture is strong and is often a distinguishing characteristic. Cultural differences between business partners can make or break their relationship.

Assess your clients’ cultures and determine whether they match yours or if you can adapt to theirs. This will allow you to build a stronger, mutually beneficial business partnership.

Check details such as preferred messaging platforms, tone of emails and messages, work ethic, schedules, feedback channels, and other preferences. Aligning these makes it easier for your teams to collaborate.

You can deliver the output your clients want within their desired standards and requirements.  

2. Establish communication platforms

Communication is an important success factor when it comes to business relationships. Choose a platform or platforms where you’ll communicate with your business partners. These can be through:

  • Emails
  • Messaging apps
  • Phone calls
  • In-person meetings
Establish communication platforms
Establish communication platforms

All parties can also use these channels for immediate problem-solving when a crisis arises. Set a consistent schedule that is amenable to all parties.

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Establish discussion and action points so that everyone is on the same page. This also allows you and your partners to reach objectives within deadlines.

Provide regular updates about the phases and tasks of the projects or campaigns you’re working on. Doing so helps you create rapport with your partners and show them they’re a priority.  

3. Focus on value

Value distinguishes the best companies from everyone else. Simply charging a premium price and saying you’re the best won’t separate your organization from the rest.

You might already have won over multiple clients, but keeping them is another task. Create value for your clients, and this will improve your engagement and client relations.

Show them your team is willing to go the extra mile to keep them by:

  • Do so through personalized services that meet their needs. Customize the package you offer them. Learn more about their pain points and present creative ways to solve them.
  • Provide additional insights and resources whenever you make recommendations and strategize with them. Determine and mention possible growth opportunities during meetings.
  • Give long-term clients with incentives such as discounted rates and additional services without extra fees.
  • You can also offer extensive customer support to address problems or crises they encounter. These show you want them to succeed and are invested in improving client satisfaction.

Proving this kind of value to clients will make a good impression on them. They will likely refer you to others because of the value you give. 

4. Request for frequent feedback

A proactive approach to understanding your clients’ needs improves engagement and boosts satisfaction. One way to do this is to request feedback and reviews.

You will not always know the pain points, standards, and needs of your clients. These might change as their business grows or they handle more transactions.

Requesting feedback allows you to adjust to your client’s changing needs and customize services according to specific requirements that help them.

Take constructive feedback seriously because it also improves your business and engagement with partners.

Establish protocols and formats when requesting feedback from clients. This makes the process smoother for all involved.

Choose which reviews you’d like to post on your social media profiles and website. Reviews boost your company’s legitimacy and authority. 

5. Make your partnership a priority

Show that you prioritize your clients. Treat your professional relationship as something more than just a transaction.

  • Collaborate closely with them from start to finish.
  • Discuss the decisions they can possibly make and the opportunities your partnership creates.
  • Talk about shared objectives both want to attain throughout the collaboration.

These practices enable you to create a culture of partnership where everyone is in a win-win situation. There’s a sense of ownership in the tasks delegated and projects that each one needs to accomplish.  

This close collaboration allows you to learn more about a client’s values, operations, and pain points. It enables you to customize the services you offer or provide packages with discounts and added value.

Closely collaborating with your clients allows you to be in tune with their needs. This holistic approach improves engagement and your company’s business relationships. 

6. Be a reliable and responsive business partner

Responsiveness and reliability are important factors when it comes to building strong business relationships. A client wants to be sure you can respond to a crisis or whenever they need to adjust a project’s specifications.

Be a reliable and responsive business partner
Be a reliable and responsive business partner

Your reliability can either improve or strain your relationship with them. Consistency can boost client engagement.

  • Have a team ready to respond to questions and requests.
  • Always deliver on your promises so that clients will know you’re a reliable business partner.
  • Keep your communication channels open.
  • Determine which platforms your clients can contact you via, such as email or instant messaging. This enables them to reach out to you when they need to.  

Client relations go beyond onboarding. Your team needs to exert extra effort to keep your clients engaged and satisfied with your company.

The mentioned best practices allow you to improve client relationships and boost their engagement. 


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