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Achieving direct sales success in 5 steps

In times like these, almost every working professional out there needs to have a secondary stream of income. As with some communities, wages are staying stagnant while the prices of goods and services are skyrocketing.

It may be hard to come up with a plan that guarantees 100% profit—until direct sales come into the picture.

Defining direct sales

Direct sales, also known as direct selling, is the practice of selling goods and services outside of retail and merchandising environments. To put it simply, sales professionals sell straight to customers instead of putting the products out on store shelves.

Direct sales may be done at home or online, and anywhere there is direct contact with potential buyers outside of a retail shop.

Defining direct sales

Benefits of direct sales

Unbeknownst to some, this business and work model is famous in the independent e-commerce industry. Many people are continuously looking for opportunities to start their own company using this sales practice. 

Here are the advantages that make direct sales attractive to entrepreneurs.

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Flexible schedule

Since selling activities happen outside of the traditional retail environment, most sellers don’t have a fixed schedule at all. 

Usually, they would still schedule their meetings and outreach campaigns within normal business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM.

The flexibility of these activities is what makes stay-at-home parents and full-time employees undertake this sales activity.

A vast network

When dabbling in these activities, you’re guaranteed to have a vast network of peers, owners, distributors, co-sellers, and more. These contacts will help you to grow your enterprise and achieve direct sales success in no time.

Of course, in turn, you’d have to keep in touch with them as well. Staying connected with your network is a good business practice.

Career and personal growth

As a seller or owner of a store, you hold your own hours and you’re 100% accountable for each and every decision you make. 

While these may seem too heavy, they allow you to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

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Tax benefits

In certain cities in the world, there are tax exemptions and benefits for business owners—given that they’re operating legally and truthfully.

One way to achieve a win is to play by the law, ensuring your store is as legitimate as possible. This, in turn, earns your customers’ trust and loyalty more easily.

Increase in income

When you’ve become a profitable business, an increase in income will allow you to live a more comfortable and flexible life. This is one of the most important benefits to any entrepreneur out there.

Benefits of direct sales

Kickstarting direct sales success with these 5 steps

Employing these five steps will allow you and your business to take off at exponential rates.

Loving what you’re selling

Loving your products and services, maybe even using them daily, will lend some credence to your marketing tactics and personal claims.

If people can see how much you like the products and services, they’re more likely to buy from you.\

Setting clear objectives

Always set your goals with the SMART method to ensure that it’s doable and attainable.

Having a clear set of objectives will help you see the big picture and make concrete plans to reach them.

Identifying your target market

In order for your selling strategy to work, you need to identify and assess the needs of your target customers. 

Identifying and understanding your target market helps you come up with various strategies and test which one would work best for them.

Assessing your business plan

Like other traditional and non-traditional companies out there, you need to assess your business plan.

A plan will help you lay out a clear path to major milestones. With this, you can also pinpoint problematic areas and address issues before they get out of hand.

Following up with your leads

Even with direct selling, you still need to follow up and warm up to your leads in order to conduct a sale with them.

Showing your leads how serious you are in running your business will further secure a long-running rapport with them.

Kickstarting direct sales success with these 5 steps

Direct sales success is an important turning point

Self-owned companies are often the subject of rags-to-riches stories or self-made millionaire stories. And making your first, hundredth, or one-thousandth sale is a turning point in your career.

If you’re aspiring to be the next face of these inspirational success stories, be sure to follow all the steps necessary to build your direct sales and grow your customer base.

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