Cebu outsourcing: An overview of the Philippine BPO sector outside Manila

Cebu outsourcing

Being one of the top destinations in the Philippines, Cebu City is not just popular for its culture and natural beauty. It is one of the most popular outsourcing spots in the country outside of Metro Manila. 

Despite plunging in the Tholons ranking this year, the local government continues to implement several measures and developments in the city. After all, they aim to help BPOs provide the utmost service to global businesses investing in the country.

This is the best time to invest in outsourcing spots in the Philippines aside from Manila. The 348th episode of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast introduces us to Daryl Christensen of MySource Solutions, a Cebu-based outsourcing company.

A quick overview at Cebu

Located in the Central Visayas region, Cebu is the second-largest metropolitan area in the country. It houses Cebu City, one of the main centers of trade, commerce, education, and industry in the Visayas. 

Also tagged as the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines, followed by Manila. Daryl considers Cebu as “the best of both worlds”. Indeed, the city is only a stone’s throw away from mountains and beaches. This makes it easier for people to unwind away from the stresses of the bustling city.

The city was first ranked 8th most popular outsourcing destination in the world by Tholons in 2013. From then on, it has transformed into one of the most viable outsourcing destinations in the country while maintaining its Tholons ranking for years now.


Cebu City is also considered a ‘more resilient city’ during the pandemic. Despite the challenges faced by most BPO companies, the sector was still able to employ around 23,000 people.

A quick overview at Cebu

Why companies should outsource to Cebu

Being an outsourcing destination, Cebu provides equally generous benefits to global businesses like in Manila. More so, here are some reasons companies outsource to Cebu.

Access to workforce

One thing Daryl pointed out in outsourcing to Cebu and other cities in the Philippines is the availability of the workforce. 

According to him, companies outsourcing to Cebu do not just tap into the labor market in the city. Rather, they tap into the different regions migrating to the cities for education and employment opportunities.

Strong infrastructures 

Like in Manila, Cebu provides strong infrastructures through its economic zones

Having strong network connectivity and accessibility to different parts of the region, Cebu as well takes pride in having a booming real estate market conducive to encouraging a work-life balance for its employees and investors.

Massive government and private support

Public and private institutions continue to develop the city to cater to investors and further develop its economy. 


Through the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), the government continues to support outsourcing companies and their clients by offering tax holidays and incentives to investors in the country.

Large enterprises such as AboitizLand, meanwhile, helps in developing the city further through real estate development within the economic zones.

The enhanced growth rate of BPOs

Even when outsourcing in Cebu started in 2012, the country quickly gained traction and revenue growth. Large-scale BPOs such as Accenture first ventured into the city to help develop the city’s outsourcing scene today.

About MySource Solutions

Established in 2017, MySource Solutions was started by three US executives, including Daryl Christensen, in Cebu City. The company provides professional outsourcing services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the US. 

More than outsourcing, MySource offers great collaboration within top-tier teams for a company. Daryl, SMEs slowly realize two things that change their view in outsourcing:

  • Companies can work virtually and still get quality results; and 
  • Outsourcing has an edge over freelancing in terms of getting teams under one roof.

Check out their website and listen to the latest episode here.

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