Cebu IT-BPM Organization


What is Cebu IT-BPM Organization?

Cebu’s Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) business has grown at an exponential rate.

It was first the Cebu Education Development Foundation for Information Technology (CEDFIT). Then industry and academic leaders transformed it into a full-time industry association. 

As a result, CEDFIT became Cebu IT-BPM Organization or CIB.O., announced during Cebu’s main IT-BPM industry event, the 2017 Transformation Summit.

CIB.O is now officially marketing the city to potential locators, in addition to its regular human resource development operations.

It guarantees that the IT-BPM industry’s concerns are addressed in terms of both local and national issues.

The Cebu IT-BPM.Organization continues to organize the annual industry event, now known as the “Transformation Summit,” which brings together industry, government, support groups, and other stakeholders to help the industry develop.

What is Cebu IT-BPM Organization?

Cebu IT-BPM Organization continues to grow

The IT-BPM industry’s remarkable success in delivering employment and business possibilities to Cebu City has encouraged other cities in the Philippines to become IT-BPM hubs.

Cebu’s highly collaborative IT-BPM community, designed by Cebu IT-BPM Organization, has always been a key component of its success.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotic systems, process automation, data analytics, higher-value services, data security, and the shift from K to 12 are all becoming real industry challenges.

At the same time, these changes open opportunities for higher-paying jobs that require more expertise and analytical skills. 

Cebu’s workforce will need additional skills, experience, and training to continue providing the higher-value services Cebu IT-BPM Organization and its members provide. It requires early exposure to computer-assisted education, as well as online learning.

With the help of its members, public and private sector, Cebu City has trained its senior high school teachers in the basics of coding and programming in collaboration with the Coders Guild of the Philippines and Cebu IT-BPM.Organization (CIB.O).

CIB.O has chosen to give a more advanced Coding Training on introduction in Java Programming in collaboration with Cebu City School Board and Cebu City DepEd.

The organization aims to make Cebu City as the Philippines’ First City of Coders, collaborating with partners and private sectors.

Cebu IT-BPM Organization is committed to improving the skills and competitiveness of the IT-BPM industry’s workforce.

Cebu IT-BPM Organization continues to grow

Information Technology and Business Process Management Industry in Cebu

Even when the economy continues to struggle from the Covid-19 pandemic, Cebu’s information technology-business process management (IT-BPM) industry has shown to be one of the most resilient industries. 

Aseem Roy, country head of Wipro Philippines, said this during the opening of the Cebu IT-BPM.Organization (CIB.O) four-day virtual 2021 Transformation Summit.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected several businesses, forcing the IT-BPM sector, in particular, to adopt greater flexibility in its operations.

As the pandemic has significantly transformed how industries function, several BPO firms have let their workers work from home and offer more flexible work arrangements.

Despite the challenges, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) stated that the outsourcing sector still posted employment growth of about 23,000 jobs in 2020, increasing to 1.32 million.

According to Colliers International Philippines, this was primarily due to more employment opportunities generated by resilient industries such as e-commerce and healthcare in Metro Manila and Cebu.

According to CIB.O President Pert Cabataña’s estimation, the IT-BPM industry in Cebu employed between 180,000 and 190,000 people as of last year, up from 170,000 two years before.

Wipro’s Roy stated that the company is “fairly optimistic” that Cebu can compete with the world’s top outsourcing centers.

He additionally declared, “The Cebu IT-BPM business has become stronger and a lot more resilient.”

As the country’s top IT-BPM investment destination outside of Metro Manila, Cebu has the “capability to transform and lead,” according to Roy, if stakeholders combine their resources to drive the industry forward.

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