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8 B2B email marketing best practices for 2024

B2B email marketing is another channel for businesses to reach out to their customers and clients.

Apart from lead generation specialists, telemarketers, and cold-callers, email marketing is one of the most successful ways of connecting with potential customers. Research shows that email is an effective way of communicating.

Even in b2b email marketing, there are still best practices that marketers have to follow. These best practices are developed to make any strategies worthwhile and productive.

B2B email marketing definition

To get things started, let’s define the term first.

It refers to the practice of reaching out to businesses using electronic mail merchandising strategies and B2B stands for business to business. 

One of the problems that companies face using email marketing is that their departments often put B2B and B2C (Business to Consumer) strategies together.

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Thus, disabling and invalidating any plans of action of either one.

This is why a lot of businesses opt to outsource as they are ensured that their marketing efforts are handled by marketing experts. Outsourcing your B2B email marketing to Peak Support lets you hire seasoned professionals while you save up to 70% on your costs.

B2B email marketing definition

Finding addresses for B2B online marketing

The first step of this process is to find legitimate business addresses that are connected to the brands that a company would like to work with.

If done correctly, the parent company’s sales team can close deals and partnerships in no time.


Organic collection refers to the practice of letting clients and partners willingly give their addresses away. This can be done by the use of landing pages, invite-only webinars, and e-freebies such as ebooks and short courses.

Lead generation

This is not to say that all lead generation efforts are ‘inorganic.’ But there are tools online that can generate valid and active business addresses to use.

Be wary of using these tools, however, as they may generate invalid addresses that will only bounce back electronic mail once it’s sent.

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B2B email marketing best practices

Here are eight leading tips to improve your B2B email marketing efforts:

#1: Practice brevity

Brevity refers to the conciseness of a message. Online mail tends to blend into most notifications that we have on our screens.

Some people, especially working professionals, rarely have the time to sit and read a long-winded e-newsletter.

Keep the message clear, concise, and catchy.

#2: Mind the tone

If your business tends to be more playful, try to stay away from an overly formal tone. And if your business is known for its formality, it’s best to stay that way.

Being consistent in tone, especially in buying strategies, will ensure that new and existing partners will connect with the brand immediately.

#3: Personalize newsletters

While B2B online marketing refers to conducting business with another company, it wouldn’t hurt to put a human touch behind every newsletter.

Sure, most online mails are automated and were derived from a template. But there are other ways on how to make newsletters seem personalized.

One example of it is using a command to put a name in lieu of a generic greeting. But keep in mind that as mentioned above, tones are important as well. If names are a bit too forward for the brand, it’s best to find another way.

#4: Utilize the subject lines

Subject lines are the first thing that people read when they first receive a mail notification.

Utilizing the subject lines to be more catchy is a surefire way to ensure that the receivers will turn into readers.

Subject lines are also open for ‘setting the tone’ for the rest of the newsletter.

#5: Quality over quantity

Lead generation is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of any marketing campaign. Lead generation specialists should be able to acquire quality leads in a specified time frame.

In generating email leads through b2b email marketing, it’s important to strive for quality over quantity. Getting quality leads will lead to more sales and closed deals.

#6: Call-to-action phrases

Call-to-action phrases are a powerful way to entice clients to take further action, especially when doing b2b email marketing campaigns.

However, be wary of using CTA phrases that may seem too pushy or forward. This may turn prospects away from ever interacting with mails again.

B2B email marketing best practices

#7: Gauge interest levels

Interest levels vary from recipient to recipient. One may show active enthusiasm towards the brand and one may be more subtle about it.

One way to gauge interest is to attach an interactive survey in one of the newsletters that your brand is pushing through. This way, the team can weed out any inactive leads.

#8: Build a relationship

Building a relationship with clients—both existing and new—is important in maintaining an active marketing list.

Without an active mailing list, businesses would have a hard time reaching out to other companies that they would like to work with.

How to do B2B online marketing the “right” way

There isn’t a “right” way to do B2B email marketing as most companies vary with their strategies. And even if there is, it will be most likely subjective and only applicable to a handful of companies.

However, as long as there are best b2b email marketing practices in place, this activity will continue to be one of the most effective ways of marketing in the 21st century.

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