Jamie McBrien – Outsourcing as a Solution for a Management Consultant

Ep 088 Jamie McBrien

Derek is joined by James McBrien, an Australian national who founded OptiBPO. In this episode, Derek will explore Jamie’s past and his thoughts on outsourcing and the evolution into his optiBPO.



  • Jamie has been a management consultant his whole career starting with Pricewaterhouse but ended up late in the shared services and outsourcing practice.
  • The intention of optiBPO was to build more productized offering where they provide the onshore support to create the offshore success.
  • Jamie shares that he has been on the space for a good 20 years.  He’s been consulting for not much longer than 20 years.
  • Capability has moved upmarket which means that the transfer of knowledge is far easier and it provided access to that middle market
  • Jamie thinks that there’s still a lot of people that need to be convinced that it’s a good idea to outsource.
  • Organizations realising that to survive, you need things in a cost sustainable way and for a lot of business the idea of holding on to some of the traditional values and ideas is probably is not going to end up in the right place.
  • He talks about adding new and enhanced services. They have a range of clients to build new revenue lines that they just couldn’t justify building here by using an outsourced team.
  • They have a service where they build standard operating procedures through a combination of tools and capture techniques that then gets built in the Philippines.

Key Points

  • The technology was improving and capability and the more we thought about it we just thought the Philippines is the place to focus on.
  • Now, technologies improved, that’s cheap, that’s easy, to provide access to the cloud to most applications, those barriers have been removed.
  • A lot of the apprehension now is coming down to concern about the risk of getting things right.  
  • We are definitely not a maturity so, big opportunity on the other side for a lot of businesses.
  • One of the nice things about outsourcing is that you can pile up ideas, start small gain confidence and build success if use outsource again




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