Mike Grogan – Cultivating a Culture of World-Class Filipinos

Ep 006 Mike Grogan
Today’s episode features Mike Grogan, who settled in the Philippines after living in many developing countries of the world.
He’s an author of no less than three books and an advocate and speaker for the great potential of the youth in the Philippines. Mike will share his insights to the unique traits and values that the Filipinos have.


  • Mike Grogan has written not less than three books that addresses the rise of the Pinoy and celebrating the strengths of the Filipinos that are relevant for any business owner that wants the best out the Filipinos
  • Some identified strengths of the Filipinos include: generosity, sacrifice for the family, sense of team work, negation of individualism, power of collaboration, amongst others.
  • What Mike Grogan called “False Limiting Beliefs” serves as the major foundation of Filipinos’ weakness which is the lack of confidence in themselves.
  • Every nation has its own weakness or shortcomings and the greatest way to empower and inspire the Filipinos is by building on their strengths. When business owners help the Filipinos workforce build their strength, then, their weakness becomes irrelevant when compared to their strengths.
  • The three key ingredients in Mike Grogan’s book titled “The Seven Reasons Why Filipinos Will Change the World” are the spirit of collaboration, the book’ cover which is a butterfly and seven values that are unique to the Filipinos.

Key Points

  • Filipinos need to believe in their strengths to realize they can compete at the world level.
  • Employers and investors can help in smashing false limiting beliefs and by giving opportunities where they can become the best.
  • Philippines is a country with invisible forces that brings out the best in someone and where one can add value in return.



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