Diego Jose Ramos – From Silicon Valley to Manila

Ep 036 Diego Jose Ramos

Today Derek is joined by Diego Jose Ramos and they will discuss about the tech industry scene in the Philippines and how it compares to the west.


  • Today Derek is joined by Diego Jose Ramos. Derek has known Diego for a few years now and he is widely known within the Manila tech community. His nickname is The Wizard.
  • Diego’s conduit to the tech industry is; he is a tech recruiter or headhunter which he started in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley then he moved to Manila for local recruiting.
  • According to Diego, the tech scene in the Philippines is still in the infancy stage compared to the U.S. and other startup scenes.
  • Derek said that the tech scene in the Philippines is not that mature yet partly because there is not the same safety net like in the U.S.
  • The Philippines is a great launching pad for outsourcing and startups because this is the only English speaking country in Southeast Asia.
  • The Philippines recently changed their education system. They are now following the K to 12 system which is similar to the U.S. type of education.
  • According to Diego, there is great tech talent in the Philippines. They just need the right mix of tech talent, business acumen and of course, more support.

Key Points

  • There are massive opportunities in the Philippines in terms of startups and outsourcing because of the cultural alignment and their grasp of the English language.
  • Before very commonly in outsourcing, people don’t want to be generalists, they prefer a defined job or role. However, nowadays tech people are getting more aware of the need for this.
  • There are now lesser barriers in terms of education. Filipinos can now learn exactly what people are learning in Silicon Valley. It’s all accessible now. It’s cheap if not free.


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