Warren Walborn – from Wall Street to Outsourcing in the Philippines

Ep 178 Warren Walborn

Derek Gallimore is joined by Warren Walborn, president and CEO of Pentwater Group.

Warren is an Economics graduate and earns his MBA from the University of Chicago. He worked for years with Wall Street, co-founded start-up companies, and is an outsourcing consultant.



  • Warren is an entrepreneur by blood as he came from a family of serial entrepreneurs. After working for years with Wall Street, he broke off into the energy technology field, and into a medical device company and finally settled with the love of his life in the Philippines where he finds business opportunities in the booming outsourcing industry.
  • His interest was ignited by an article published in The Accelerator claiming that about 35 million SMEs in English speaking countries are about to discover outsourcing. His previous worked engagements had convinced him that successful businesses are able to dominate their industry because they outsource.
  • Outsourcing enable these companies to focus on the growing their business, growing their profit and many other more important things within their offices and outsourcing some business functions or activities to BPOs that can competently handle important tasks like marketing and customer service because they have a lot of resources and competent staff.
  • It’s imperative that leaders properly assess outsourcing opportunities. It would take strong leadership at the top level of SMEs to consider growing their business through outsourcing where there is access to abundant human resource at an affordable price as Warren says sky is the limit with the opportunities in research, data mining, and maximizing benefits with customer database.
  • Customer service is an important function of marketing that is being delivered competently in very sophisticated ways through BPOs, translating into big wins for companies in terms of higher client satisfaction.


Key Points

  • Outsourcing helps companies focus on their core competencies and worked for business growth and profit.
  • Many companies, particularly SMEs are not maximizing the value of their customer database for lack of resources and skill in data mining and research.
  • It takes strong SME leadership to try and look into what opportunities and wins the company can gain through outsourcing.





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