Top Ten Roles Outsourced to the Philippines

Ep 016 Derek Gallimore

Derek and Arnold will discuss the top ten jobs that are normally and popularly outsourced to the Philippines.



  • The Philippines outsourcing sector is huge in the Philippines now. The Philippines is a world leader in the BPO industry.
  • Here are the Top 10 jobs that are outsourced to the Philippines
  1. Customer Service
  2. Financial Services
  3. Virtual Assistant and Admin
  4. Software Development
  5. Graphics and Web Design.
  6. Content Development and SEO
  7. Sales and Marketing
  8. Data Entry and Processing
  9. Human Resources and Recruitment
  10. Medical Transcription.
  • The Philippines is the number one call center destination in the world and one of the reasons for that is the high penetration of English proficiency and also a very neutral accent.
  • VAs are very important to help you with admin work, so business owners can focus on more important things. However, business owners should learn how to work with people remotely.
  • Medical transcription is a booming opportunity for Filipinos due to the surplus of nursing graduates in the Philippines every year.

Key Points

  • Getting a VA to do the administrative task so you won’t get stuck doing grunt work the whole day. You should also train yourself to learn how to work with a VA remotely.
  • Filipinos are proficient English speakers and they have a neutral accent making the Philippines one of the go-to call center destination for outsourcing counties.
  • There’s a huge talent pool in the Philippines just waiting to be tapped they can help companies leverage their business.






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