Brett Russo – Inception of Outsource Workers

Ep 154 Brett Russo

In this episode, Derek is joined by Brett Russo of Outsource Workers. Join Derek as he deep dive into what Outsource workers do, their fee structure and their specialization.



  • Brett is a Real Estate Agent for about 15 years based in Australia.  6 years ago, he was introduced to his first Virtual Assistant.
  • Outsource Workers specializes in Real Estate virtual assistants.
  • They discuss the Outsource Workers fee structure, hiring process and client requirements.
  • Success of outsourcing is dependent on how much time the client can spend with their VA’s to train and get them on board.


Key Points:

  • Outsource Workers is a company that specializes in helping specifically Real Estate agents outsource Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.
  • Clients need to invest time in training their VA’s to have a successful output from them.




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