Chris Urbano – Commercial Aspects of Philippines’ Economic Future

Ep 134 Chris Urbano

This is the 3rd and final installment of a 3 part interview of Chris Urbano, Managing Director of the Winery Philippines. Join Derek as he taps into Chris’s vast experience in terms of the commercial aspects of Southeast Asian and the Philippines’ economic future.



  • Chris is the Chief Managing Director of Winery Philippines. He is based in the Philippines for 4 years.
  • Chris thinks that the opportunity for the Philippines is limited to really become a successful economic player and more from a political stand.
  • He shares his insight about the growing economy of the Philippines that turns out to Political insight


Key Points

  • Winery Philippines is a curated wine marketplace online bringing great wine around the world and putting in hands of Filipino consumers at the best possible price as the best quality and best convenience.
  • Domestic economy to be drivers of Philippine growth comes down to one thing which is the ability of Filipinos to speak English very well.





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