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Ep 118 Sharon Melamed

In this episode, Derek is joined by Sharon Melamed once again, an outsourcing expert who has worked in the outsourcing industry for 25 years.  She runs a company called Matchboard which is effectively a matchmaking service of outsourcing. Join Derek as he deep dive into Sharon’s thoughts about outsourcing and the future of outsourcing.



  • Sharon has been in the outsourcing industry for 25 years and she has worked all around the world in five countries.
  • She started Matchboard 5 years ago which is a matching platform for the outsourcing industry.
  • Sharon shared her perspective in terms of the different sale cycle.
  • She also shares the concept of Matchboard and how it works with the clients.
  • Sharon narrates her direct experience with the Philippines and her thoughts for the Philippines going in terms of the outsourcing provision.


Key Points

  • Matchboard is a matching platform where a company can tell its needs for outsourcing, and a matching algorithm will find a short list of perfect match outsources to help with that particular business need.
  • The Philippines is far ahead in terms of outsourcing, typically the number one choice for offshore employment.  





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