Chloe Franken-Ututalum: The Role Outsourcing Plays in Globalization

Ep 117 Chloe Franken Ututalum

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Chloe Franken for the third time. A Filipina and now the CEO and President of Sophi Inc. Sophi Inc. is an Outsourcing provider focused on startup companies, they support different back office functions.  Join Derek as they discuss Chloe’s business experience and her insights about outsourcing.



  • Chloe work with startups, she is involved in operations so whenever she gets a new client she is involved in terms of building the team and giving them guidance as to how they should utilize their team to their advantage.
  • She thinks that globalization is calling out to outsourcing because our world is getting smaller as we become more digital-minded.
  • Chloe discusses her insights about the requirement fits in with the typical Filipino worker attitude, that outsourcing was kind of built on highly repetitive tasks and highly mapped processes in repeat.
  • She thinks that Filipinos are starting to think outside the box and be a little more innovative with business ideas.


Key Points

  • How an office works before isn’t necessarily a mirror of what an office is right now. A virtual team is no longer a new concept, a new idea. So, definitely, the direction for the future is outsourcing.
  • Sophi’s mission is to be a company that provides work for people and growth for smaller companies.
  • Cebu is officially Philippines’ second city.





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