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Top 10 digital marketing companies in Canada

Top 10 digital marketing companies in Canada

List of top 10 digital marketing companies in Canada

  1. Raccoon Eyes 
  2. Digital Commerce Partners
  3. Edkent Media
  4. GCOM Designs
  5. BlueHat Marketing
  6. Sojourn Digital
  7. Vivid Strategy
  8. CAYK Marketing
  9. Arnold Street Media
  10. func.media

Canada stands as one of the top outsourcing locations for seeking digital marketing services and improving your online presence.

As a first-world country, Canada is home to several rich and innovative companies that boast expert and well-renowned digital marketing capabilities.

This article goes through ten of the most reputable companies you can partner with.

Why outsource digital marketing to Canada?

Outsourcing your digital marketing needs to Canadian companies can be extremely beneficial and rewarding to your company. 

Here are some reasons why Canada is an ideal place to outsource:

Expert talent pool

Canada is where some of the best and most skilled workers reside. This is attributed to their highly-regarded educational system, which offers opportunities in fields like digital marketing, advertising, and communications.

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Not only that, but the freelance and gig worker industry in Canada is just as prominent. Digital marketing is a common job in freelancing. You are sure to find many people who have the necessary skills and experience.

Proximity to the US market

Given how giant the American market is, businesses based in the United States will benefit from Canada’s close proximity.

Since Canada is situated in the continent of North America, there is only a short time difference between the two (or none at all, depending on where you are based). This makes communication, coordination, and traveling a whole lot easier.

Speaking of communication, Canada is an English-speaking country. Businesses do not have to worry about language barriers, making it easier for companies to target their digital marketing tactics to English-speaking audiences.

High economic status

The World Bank data report showed that Canada’s gross domestic product was around $2.14 trillion in 2022, making it the 9th largest economy in the world. 

Companies from all industries thrive in Canada’s economy and are able to grow to new heights. 

They have access to the newest technologies and global expansion opportunities that contribute to the country’s flourishing economy.

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These are just some of the factors that make Canada an attractive choice for outsourcing. Businesses looking to outsource any kind of service can expect high-quality results.

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Why outsource digital marketing to Canada?

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Top 10 digital marketing companies in Canada

Listed below are ten notable Canadian companies for you to outsource your digital marketing needs:

1. Raccoon Eyes 

Raccoon Eyes is an award-winning digital marketing company that has earned recognition from some of the biggest industry names, such as Forbes and Semrush.

For over a decade, this company has developed world-class solutions that drive traffic and maximize return on investment for brands everywhere. You can enjoy first-page rankings and sustainability in a cost-saving manner.

Raccoon Eyes covers the entire spectrum of digital marketing, from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising. All its solutions are perfectly tailored to match your exact needs to create a holistic digital marketing experience.

2. Digital Commerce Partners

Digital Commerce Partners understands the importance of gaining traffic online and having the right people in your sales funnel. That is why this company is a great choice to outsource digital marketing.

Using various content marketing and SEO practices, its expert team has increased the sales and traffic of clients from multiple industries. The numbers on its website speak for itself, with 98% of clients renewing their initial contract and an average traffic increase of 194%.

Digital Commerce Partners offers a wide range of content marketing services that are guaranteed to skyrocket your business’ numbers. These include:

  • Content audits
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy
  • Ongoing content production

3. Edkent Media

Edkent Media can help take your company to the next level with its wide array of digital marketing services. It is a data and results-driven company that strives to increase awareness of your brand and attract the right people.

You can focus on more important company matters while Edkent Media shoulders the heavy lifting. Its experts’ transparency and constant updates allow you to rest easy while they do what they do best.

Edkent Media’s commitment to delivering results as promised is what led the firm to be one of the leading providers of digital marketing solutions. It believes that long-term partnerships and symbiotic relationships are key to achieving goals.

4. GCOM Designs

Every business needs a clean, easy-to-navigate website that serves as the face of your brand name. Fortunately, GCOM Designs is the best partner for that.

This digital marketing company provides no-nonsense website design services that drive traffic and recognition to your company. It also provides SEO and PPC solutions, which guarantee your site is easily found.

GCOM Designs sticks to a proven process that guarantees clients’ success. This has landed the firm several titles from Clutch and solidified it as one of the top digital marketing companies in Canada.

5. BlueHat Marketing

BlueHat Marketing is one of the pioneers of early search engine optimization, with its roots dating back to 2005. Since then, it has provided results-oriented SEO and digital marketing services to clients of all sizes and industries.

BlueHat Marketing has stayed true to its mission of helping businesses have a strong online presence. Years later, its process has proven to be a success, with a clientele of over 1000 happy customers to back it up.

Its digital marketing services include SEO, web development, and e-commerce development, with a team of professionals at the forefront. 

With BlueHat Marketing, you are guaranteed to achieve more while spending less. 

6. Sojourn Digital 

Sojourn Digital is making a name for itself in the digital marketing industry as it is dedicated to providing impactful solutions that make a difference.

This digital marketing services provider has an impressive client base of non-profit organizations and businesses of all sizes. Its mission is to help businesses achieve their full potential through digital growth and engagement.

Sojourn Digital’s services cover everything under the digital marketing umbrella, from website design to SEO services. Each solution is completely customized to fit your needs, ensuring no cent is put to waste. 

7. Vivid Strategy

If you provide the same, one-size-fits-all services to every company, the results would be disastrous. Luckily, companies like Vivid Strategy prioritize custom, tailored experiences over cookie-cutter solutions.

Vivid Strategy helps every unique company unlock its digital potential through personalized digital marketing strategies. 

Whether it is creating strong marketing campaigns or optimizing your site’s content, Vivid Strategy helps you make it happen and gain more in the process.

This full-stack digital marketing agency pulls out all the stops to make you stand out from the competition. With its flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile, Vivid Strategy has all the makings of the perfect ally.

8. CAYK Marketing

If you are looking for a digital marketing partner with years of experience and an adaptable approach, look no further than CAYK Marketing. This digital marketing firm has been around for 30 years and has seen the digital space evolve before its very eyes.

Over the years,  CAYK Marketing has learned about new technologies and practices, leading the firm to become a hub for top-notch marketers, designers, and creatives today.

It has continued to push boundaries in digital marketing, looking for new ways to leverage data, machine learning, and AI to deliver the best results possible. Its achievements are a testament to helping companies achieve beyond their aspirations.

9. Arnold Street Media

Many new companies have trouble establishing a firm brand identity, which is why Arnold Street Media is the best option to help you with this.

Each process, from social media management to custom services, is guaranteed to tell the story of your brand. You can trust that its most adept writers, marketing experts, and strategists will transform your business.

Arnold Street Media’s specialists view themselves as an extension of your business; your goals are their goals. They are reliable experts who help you come up with cutting-edge strategies that surpass expectations and ensure client success.

10. func.media

Digital marketing can be complicated if you do not have the right tools or methods. 

However, top-tier companies like func.media do not have this issue. Its methods are straight to the point, prioritize results, and guarantee the highest return on investment.

func.media is like the Swiss army knife of digital marketing solutions. From content creation to brand management, no project is too complicated. Your brand is in good hands as this powerhouse of a company ensures nothing but the best.

It is worth mentioning that it has helped some of the biggest brands in the world, such as IKEA, Lamborghini, Walmart, and Toyota. 

This resume of clients should be enough indication of func.media’s capabilities.

Invest in a Canadian digital marketing company

Canada is full of promise and talent when it comes to outsourcing digital marketing. The country is filled with creative and hardworking individuals whom you can rely on to drive some online traction your way.

Invest in a Canadian digital marketing company
Invest in a Canadian digital marketing company

It is a lot more difficult to get noticed online, especially with the tighter competition. Fortunately, this is not an issue for any of the top digital marketing companies in Canada.

They exert time and effort into helping numerous brands reach their goals, so it is worth it to invest in their services.

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