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Top 20 tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma

List of tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. Eaton
  2. SP+ (SP Plus)
  3. Health Care Service Corporation 
  4. Tenstreet
  5. Ardent MC
  6. Ryan
  7. BOK Financial
  8. Matcha Design
  9. Create the Movement
  10. Spherexx
  11. Waterfield Tech
  12. Techsico
  13. Indigo Technology
  14. Vast Bank
  15. ConsumerAffairs
  16. GDH
  17. capSpire
  19. Stonebridge Technologies
  20. Sidetrade

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one of the metro areas in the country that recorded significant growth in the tech industry.

As technology continues to drive its economy, the demand for technological advancement also increases. The Tulsa Innovation Labs (TIL) recently released a report reflecting its path toward inclusive growth. 

The city prioritizes tech-related development, including health and energy technology, cyber, and advanced air mobility. Its potential for investments and job opportunities makes it an ideal place for business expansion. 

Moreover, the presence of top tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is also attributed to government support, attracting more IT professionals and tech experts to land jobs in the city. 

One of the well-recognized initiatives boosting economic growth is the program called Tulsa Remote. It supports aspiring remote workers from different countries to work at tech companies in Tulsa and provides financial support.

Indeed, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a determination to find ways to promote and support its economy to become a top contender for one of those coveted spots for business technology.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, taking steps to support startup tech companies

Tulsa, Oklahoma, also performs ways to help promote the city as the next hub for forward-thinking tech startup companies and virtual talents around the globe. 

With an ideal business environment, low cost of living, and access to well-trained and expert talents, Tulsa designs a cutting-edge setting for startups to discover their full potential.

The government has implemented business-friendly regulations and governing policies that attract more tech companies to operate in the city. 

It promotes streamlining processes for securing permits and recognizes companies that choose the local economy to invest in. Backed by a low tax rate and successful tech graduates from state universities, Tulsa is a certified destination for aspiring business leaders.

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Top 20 tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Here’s quick look at the top tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, businesses can partner with:

1. Eaton

Eaton’s objectives revolve around enhancing the environment and the quality of life by utilizing power management technologies and solutions. It is one of the well-recognized tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It provides services that assist its customers in addressing hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical power more efficiently and reliably. Eaton performs services to over 175 countries with more than 92,000 employees.

2. SP+ (SP Plus)

SP+ is dedicated to providing a better customer experience. It partners with many businesses and individual customers for moving people, automobiles, and even personal belongings.

The company shares technology-based mobility solutions to sectors in hospitality, healthcare, aviation, and other corporate businesses, including:

  • Parking management
  • Ground Transportation
  • Remote baggage check-in and handling
  • Facility maintenance and security
  • Event Logistics

3. Health Care Service Corporation

HCSC is the United States’ largest customer-owned health insurance provider and one of the leading tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in health services. 

It caters to over 18.6 million members offering Medicare and Medicaid plans. It collaborates with partners and subsidiaries for other services and product offers, such as dental, life, pharmacy, and health technology.

4. Tenstreet

Tenstreet introduced a different combination of service capability and resources in addressing the pressing challenge of the trucking industry in terms of hiring drivers and its management.

With over 1,500 client carriers, it connects creative technology platforms with strategic ideation that gives customers advantages using its IntelliApps in four core service areas:

  • Marketing
  • Recruiting 
  • Safety 
  • Onboarding

5. Ardent MC 

Ardent MC has carved a name as one of the leading tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in delivering defense and security technology solutions to clients in the following areas: 

  • Medical evacuation
  • Overseas threats
  • Border protection 
  • Port security

It guarantees quality-tested and durable offers with the help of IT experts with specialization in large-scale situational control, geographic identification, cloud, and information technology control.

6. Ryan 

Ryan is a globally recognized tax and software service provider and is recorded as the largest firm in the world of its kind. The company designs integrated suites from local to federal state, as well as on an international scale for tax services, including: 

  • Tax recovery
  • Consulting and advocacy
  • Compliance and technology services

It is a seven-time awardee of the International Service Excellence Award from the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA), reflecting its dedication to world-class customer service.

7. BOK Financial

BOK Financial is among the top 30 banks in the U.S., with regional financial services and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company has recorded billions of assets in administration to its overall operations.

BOK Financial is advanced and responsive to market trends and industry demands while ensuring lasting relationships with client partners by providing the following services: 

  • Commercial and consumer banking
  • Brokerage trading and investment
  • Trust and insurance services
  • Mortgage origination and servicing
  • Electronic funds transfer network

8. Matcha Design

Matcha is an award-winning company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has earned global attention with its reputation of design mojo and excellent service since 2004.

It comprises many sectors, from business marketing to web development, and has been a trusted partner of many organizations. Matcha produces stand-out design ideas that suit different target audiences using the following:

  • Advertising and brand development
  • UX/UI design and web development
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Motion graphics and print design 
  • Commercial photography 
  • Copywriting

9. Create The Movement 

This company moves businesses above the usual strategy, empowering websites and search engine optimization to ensure higher online reach and engagement.

Create The Movement LLC helps many companies pull off an excellent marketing strategy in the digital space. With specialization in designing websites and business branding, the company excelled in these other core services:

  • SEO services and content creation
  • Social media and paid advertising
  • Graphic design and logo creation

10. Spherexx

Spherexx is a top tech company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering a wide selection of comprehensive services and business marketing tools, such as: 

  • Web design and development
  • Touch-screen kiosks and lead-generation tools
  • Online advertising and advanced mobile technology
  • Apartment lease-up marketing consulting 
  • Search engine performance

The company also performs branding services, video and multimedia production, and e-commerce solutions. It helps organizations to adapt confidently to market trends and competition.

11. Waterfield Tech 

Waterfield Tech performs various services in the contact center and customer engagement sector. As experts and innovators, the organization is dedicated to transforming customer experience for clients.

The firm promotes efficiency and effectiveness across all mediums of communication. The aim is to connect the client’s customers and workforce to deliver exceptional and sound business transactions.

12. Techsico

The Techsico family of companies is a consumer-driven technology company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, founded in 2001. Techsico centers on low-voltage platforms, including:

  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Life safety systems
  • Audio and video systems
  • Network engineering

Since its inception, the company has helped in architecting and maintaining networks with its  Techsico Wireless service. It collaborates with telecommunication companies to develop the latest 5G technology connection. 

13. Indigo Technology 

Since 2016, Indigo Technology has been a top player in creating flexible data analytics solutions and product development. 

Indigo Technology’s IDENTITY and Vēlo products are utilized by the healthcare sector and deployed to over 30 new software from startups to large-scale companies. It also contributes to the tech ecosystem, providing many job opportunities in the city.

14. Vast Bank

Vast Bank has more than 40 years of experience in the financial industry. It is committed to delivering innovations in technology through high-touch services for customers at every stage of their financial journey.

Today, the company aims for much higher platforms backed with fresh ideas, strong partnerships, and advanced technology. It embraces a winning culture to provide an easy and reliable banking experience.

15. ConsumerAffairs        

ConsumerAffairs is an emerging online marketplace for consumers to connect with brands, take insights and reviews, and study purchases through its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. 

ConsumerAffairs has a unique, determined, and forward-looking entrepreneurial environment. Its expert teams administer reviews and provide authoritative buyer guides and matching tools published on its official website.

16. GDH

GDH performs staffing and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to its clients that are adaptive and customizable depending on company requirements. It helps in acquiring the best human capital resources for its partners.

GDH is committed to delivering service excellence on workforce solutions and talent acquisition, offering services in these core areas: 

  • IT staffing solutions 
  • Custom staffing solutions
  • RPO solutions
  • Project-based solutions

17. capSpire

capSpire has a vast knowledge and tech expertise that promotes value in commodity management and administration, which includes the following products:

  • Crude and refined products
  • Natural, gas, liquid (NGLs)
  • Power and coal
  • Metals and agriculture

The company takes pride in elevating its capability to create logical solutions and optimization platforms while strengthening relationships with client partners. 

It assists businesses in managing supply chain variability and helps increase margins by improving decision-making.


ENACOMM is one of the best-performing tech companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that provides various industries with interactive and intelligent customer self-service apps, including: 

  • Prepaid and cash cards
  • Financial services
  • Health care services 
  • Utilities

It utilizes the work of medium of communications, from mobile, online, SMS, and voice messages. ENACOMM helps organizations to better manage and supervise clients, systems, and analytics for improvements and decision-making.

19. Stonebridge Technologies

This telecommunications company delivers technology-based services in various industries. With the challenges of businesses in conducting operations, Stonebridge assists in promoting more effective solutions.

Established in 1995, its comprehensive idea and technical expertise led to the creation of services that help companies stay ahead and adapt in today’s competitive global market. Its offerings include: 

  • Cloud engineering 
  • Mobile network solutions
  • Product engineering 
  • Recruitment services

20. Sidetrade

Sidetrade has recently acquired CreditPoint Software, a provider of a SaaS platform for a business-to-business approach, focusing on risk and solutions for collection management. 

It aims to strengthen companies to be more productive and efficient using its service with the following focus:

  • Online credit applications 
  • Ratings and financial data
  • Bureau integration and configurable scoring models
  • Rule-based workflows and analytics-driven monitoring
  • Business intelligence

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Sidetrade operates with quality solutions that transform businesses’ credit and collections management.

Recalibrating the tech ecosystem in Tulsa, Oklahoma

For Tulsa, economic growth is not only focused on the number of tech companies in the city. The workforce, support mechanism, and inclusivity are elements that revolve around Tulsa’s tech ecosystem.

Today, the city is not only recognized because of its operating tech companies. Investors saw its potential by reflecting on the government support and how the community built relationships with aspiring tech workers, even those who work remotely.

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