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Property Company of Friends, Inc. (Pro-Friends)


About Property Company of Friends, Inc. (Pro-Friends)

“Property Company of Friends Inc. also known as Pro-Friends is one of the largest property and real-estate developers in the Philippine Archipelago. The company in the year 1999 was formed by a group of friends who wanted to change how Filipino families lived, creating bonds and communities in the process. To mark their friendship, the group named their company as the Property Company of Friends, Inc.

For nearly the past two decades, the company has provided some of the best real-estate property projects across the Philippines, catering to various types of home buyers and Filipino families. The company has created 17 townships, placed across strategic locations across the country, and has nine ongoing projects. To cater to various types of home buyers and investors, the company has created various types of real estate projects – from up-country town-houses, to duplex houses, to condominiums, to small pocket developments consisting of individual apartment blocks. The company has developed multiple projects in Manila, Cavite City, and Iloilo, with their niche being the upmarket suburb of Manila and Cavite City.

Property Company of Friends has an active CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility Wing, promoting the welfare of people who help to develop these projects, by providing them and their children with education and other grants for educational activities.