Lead generation is a primary step in the sales process. Quantity is as important as quality in generating traffic for a website. Say, of 100 leads that inquired, only 25 will be interested to learn more about it, and then around 5 will be converted as clients. The bigger the quality leads, the better the chance of closing more sales in the future.

Many business owners are hesitant to outsource because they think that it would be too intruding on their organization. The truth is you can enjoy reliable support without having to hire someone to stay in your office, that is the beauty of business process outsourcing.

Appointment setting and lead generation

Outsourcing will save you manpower and training costs that you would have otherwise spent by keeping things in-house. Imagine having to hire a new lead generation and sales team? If they become regular employees, then you will also have to shoulder the burden of extra taxes, additional employee bonuses, and added office space and equipment.

Working with a BPO company negates all these costs because they already have the equipment and infrastructure plus skilled and trained workers to do the work for you. The right third-party service provider is already highly skilled and trained to accomplish the task.

Lead generation specialist

Benefits of outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation can help a lot in a business. 

  • Better lead generation strategy. Cold-calling brings in a low number of leads in a sales call. An outsourced sales representative works on strategies in bringing quality leads that can turn to potential sales.
  • Less lead time. Outsourcing lead generation is also a way of building a stronger sales team and company brand. This helps them build better sales strategies in a shorter period.
  • Accurate reporting and tracking. Outsourced sales reps can gather information from potential customers more accurately since they are experts in generating sales to the company. 
  • Focusing on bigger tasks. Doing sales singlehandedly can be time-consuming for the business owner. Outsourcing lead generation lets them focus on core tasks that help grow the business.

Sales Development Representative

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) focuses on qualifying leads and then moving them through the sales pipeline. An SDR works almost the same as a Business Development Representative (BDR) in some cases.

SDR skills

  • Active listener. An SDR must know the knits and grits of the industry and their products, including how they can sell it and the keywords that can be related to it.
  • Fast learner. They should be able to learn and pick up knowledge quickly. This is important in getting around the products and systems of the company they’re with.
  • Self-aware. An SDR needs to have thick skin and long patience in handling sales. This helps them accept setbacks easier and keep them on-track in doing their job.
  • Competitive. An SDR should as well be competitive and confident since they are selling a product to their existing customers. At the same time, they should have a friendly outlook to build a stronger relationship between the business and the customers.

Lead generation companies

Generating sales is one of the trickiest parts of a business. Lead generation takes time and effort to make, but it helps grow the business when properly managed. This is why outsourcing lead generation and outbound sales is a strategic way for businesses to attract customers and grow their audiences in the future.

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With lead generation being outsourced, your own sales team can now focus on closing more deals with engaged leads. The Philippines is a great option when it comes to lead generation outsourcing.

Most of these companies specialize in appointment setting and calling out leads that cater to different sectors. Check out the Top 40 BPO Companies guide to find out more.

Outsourcing salary comparison chart

All amounts are in U.S. dollars (USD$) per annum

Customer Service$3,337$29,717$22,137$35,275
Copy Writer$4,767$56,600$52,088$62,653
Graphic Artist$3,883$46,658$38,668$37,596
HR Manager$9,506$78,007$46,669$66,518
IT Representatives$5,722$61,758$24,741$59,938
Project Manager$21,458$108,000$57,296$86,029
Software Developer$7,221$81,994$39,913$62,653
Software Engineer$8,333$109,087$44,459$62,653
Technical Support$4,638$36,924$35,225$38,232
Team Leaders$7,152$75,823$31,174$45,428
Virtual Assistance$2,285$42,240$39,066$31,797

Average monthly outsourcing cost guide (USD)

The total cost varies depending on the role and experience level, as well as the BPO facility, service levels and quality.

Total cost $1,200

Entry-level role

Employee salary $400-$500pm BPO facility & service $500-850pm TOTAL COST $900-$1,350pm
Total cost $1,450

Mid-level role

Employee salary $700-$800pm BPO facility & service $500-850pm TOTAL COST $1,200-$1,650pm
Total cost $1,700

Technical role

Employee salary $950-$1,200pm BPO facility & service $500-850pm TOTAL COST $1,450-$2,250pm
Total cost $2,700

Executive level

Employee salary $1,800-$2,200pm BPO facility & service $500-850pm TOTAL COST $2,300-$3,050pm

Using a BPO supplier vs. agency vs. freelancer vs. Upwork

BPO CompanyAgencyFreelancerUpwork
Best rates
Quality control
Expand and scale
Operational backup
Leadership team
Trading and upskilling
Facilities and offices

Proven outsourcing solutions for your business

Outsource Accelerator offers you a full range of independent outsourcing advisory and integration services. We are not a traditional outsourcing supplier, which is what makes us independent – and unique. Our core products make it easier than ever to explore, integrate and optimize outsourcing in your business.

FROM$6 / hr


Simple pricing structure, all inclusive of the ff.


  • Dedicated full-time staffing
  • Highly qualified & professionalised workforce
  • Recruited specific to job description
  • Excellent English & cultural alignment
  • Vetting, training & onboarding


  • Gross basic salary, plus 13th month bonus (compulsory)
  • Government contributions (SSS,etc.) & Health insurance (inc. dependents)


  • A-grade facilities in prime locations
  • Modern hardware, desk & equipment
  • Fast Internet, utilities & redundancy
  • Serviced office accessible 24x7*


  • Human resources, +/- recruitment services
  • Administration, corporate tax & compliance
  • IT support, security & redundancy
  • Company events & outings


  • 1-50 staff (agile, varied roles)
  • Hands-on team management
  • Varying day-to-day deliverables
  • Cost-effective staff augmentation
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FROM$0.5 / hr


Compatible with any outsourcing structure, supplier or model


  • Hands-on optimisation of suppliers, facilities, & strategy
  • Mitigating overall cost by saving on prices, improving terms & outperforming deliverables
  • Structural analysis, design & implementation
  • Operational oversight & management


  • Variable oversight & assistance
  • Light advisory, to complete solutions
  • From $0.50 to $2.00 ppph


  • Operational & strategic needs analysis
  • Engaging the right facilities & structure
  • Recruitment, training & skill development
  • Defining deliverables, mapping & metrics
  • Managing operations, inputs, processes & outputs
  • Exponential expansion of business


  • Small-medium business owners & management
  • Businesses currently outsourcing
  • Businesses about to outsource
  • Avoiding outsourcing pitfalls
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Staffing for any role, any sector

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