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Top 7 tips for improving your lead generation

Top 7 tips for improving your lead generation

Lead generation is among the top concerns of any business.

As a key part of revenue generation for businesses, many companies allocate large amounts of resources to lead generation drives.

Thus, the resources companies spend on these efforts would all be wasted if they fail to bear fruit.

While some companies may have dedicated marketing teams to support lead generation, many turns to outsourcing firms like OP360 to augment their needs.

Whether your business has its own marketing team or is supplemented by outsourced staff, the hand-picked lead generation tips in this article will help you improve.

Defining lead generation

Lead generation pertains to the process wherein businesses capture potential customers, called leads.

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Leads can be anyone remotely interested in a company’s products or services.

Even people who haven’t actively sought out a business’s services can be considered leads if they fit the blanket description of a business’s customer demographics.

The efforts expended to turn these leads into customers can take on many forms.

Blog articles, email blasts, paid ads, coupons, promos, live events, and seminars can all be forms of lead generation.

Defining lead generation

Types of leads

Marketers divide leads into three categories: leads based on interest, enrichment level, and qualification.

Leads based on interest

These leads are further subdivided into two groups: warm and cold leads.

People who have previously shown interest in a business’s products or services, or actively sought out a company, are considered warm (or inbound) leads.

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On the other hand, people without any previous dealings with the business are deemed cold (or outbound) leads.

Leads based on enrichment level

These leads are based on the amount of information the marketing team has on its leads.

Like the previous lead type, it’s also divided into two subcategories: enriched and non-enriched leads.

Enriched leads have more details marketers can use for personalized marketing, such as company name and job title.

Non-enriched leads are often just names and email addresses or phone numbers.

Leads based on qualification

There are three types of leads based on qualifications: marketing qualified leads (MQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs), and product qualified leads (PQLs).

MQLs are warm leads that aren’t yet ready to communicate or make a purchase.

SQLs are also warm leads but are a step closer to making a purchase or subscription.


Lastly, PQLs are leads that have actively taken steps to become paying customers.

Top 7 tips for better lead generation

Lead generation can be tricky and a hit-and-miss process.

However, following tried and true methods can significantly improve your chances of bagging those leads.

Below are some helpful advice for successfully generating leads.

1. Use technology to your advantage

Software solutions for generating leads are abundant in the market.

These types of software can range from content creation, lead nurturing, lead distribution, and analytics tools.

Using these tools will allow you to make better marketing campaigns and track their progress and your ROI.

2. Keep an eye on your competition

Monitoring your competition, e.g. knowing if they launched new products or offered new promos, lets you stay one step ahead of them.

Watching what other businesses are doing is also an excellent way to come up with new marketing strategies yourself.

3. Be social media savvy

Social media platforms present opportunities for diverting traffic to your business’s website.

You can also use these platforms to increase your brand awareness and reach a larger audience.

You can use social media to warm up potential leads just by publishing blog posts or sharing exclusive offers or promos.

4. Aim for lead quality, not quantity

Quality beats quantity when it comes to generating leads. After all, 10 leads with a 100% conversion rate are better than 100 leads with a 1% conversion rate.

Aiming for a few high-quality leads instead of several low-quality ones also spares your marketing team from wasting efforts on fruitless leads instead of nurturing good ones.

5. Content quality over quantity

High-quality contents are shareable contents.

Thus, the better content your marketing team churns out, the more it will be shared across the web.

Good content also ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing the online visibility of your business’s website.

Top 7 tips for better lead generation

6. Don’t forget to A/B test regularly

A/B testing refers to a user experience (UX) research method wherein two variables, A and B, are tested to see which one performs better.

Doing this with your lead generation drives will allow you to see which methods work better.

Regular A/B testing is vital to stay ahead of the ever-shifting trends in marketing.

7. Avoid lengthy website forms

Asking for too much personal data can turn away potential leads.

Ideally, your website forms should be simple and can be answered quickly, with five fields or fewer.

You can ask for more information once your marketing team has nurtured the lead and established a good relationship with them.

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