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The inception of Boomering Inc., a boutique outsourcing company

In episode 185, Outsource Accelerator’s Derek Gallimore welcomes back Dean Pascoe, president and owner of Boomering, Inc., a boutique outsourcing company based in the Philippines. In episode 180, Dean talked about his 12-year experience in the outsourcing industry, how the Australian companies he worked with benefited from outsourcing to the Philippines, what makes the Philippines such a great base for outsourcing operations, and how Filipinos put a lot of effort into making their customers happy.

In this free-standing episode, Derek and Dean take a deep look at outsourcing suppliers like Boomering and the value they offer their clients. To start off, Derek asks Dean for the elevated pitch for Boomering and where the company stands among the growing number of BPO service providers in the market today.

Boomering is making a name for itself by specializing in outsourcing solutions and business support through providing its clients with offshore professionals. Introducing the company as a boutique BPO, Dean talks about his experience with other big BPO companies. Noting the lack of agility in many enterprises, Dean built Boomering by integrating all the good points from his extensive experience in the outsourcing industry and applying them into his own business.

personalized experience to clients

Providing personalized service

Dean presents Boomering both as a service and as a business. He emphasizes on providing as much of a personalized experience to clients as possible, making it a point to assign expats on every floor at all times. This extra step, according to Dean, is because “there’s nothing like someone from your home country walking you through every step of the way and sharing those experiences with you.” He has partnered with American and Australian expats to interact directly with clients from the United States and Australia. Employing expats to communicate directly with clients makes the whole process feel as if it’s being done at home; it builds a cultural bridge or relational interface between Boomering and its clients despite being several countries apart.

Managing client integration

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Managing client integration

However, when it comes to the business of Boomering itself, Dean takes a more refined and technical approach to achieve a streamlined integration for new clients. He notes that one common occurrence is the need to talk clients into getting less seats. Often, these clients approach the business with grand ideas but without a standard operating procedure on how those ideas can come to fruition and/or knowledge about business integration.

Boomering keeps it simple, “We offer clients a Standard Operating Procedure system that’s paid for and provided by Boomering.” Staff members from Boomering work with clients to come up with SOPs in every aspect of outsourcing, carefully building a solid foundation without burning out the clients’ initial capital. This approach allows them to learn and grow at the same time. Though operations start slowly at the beginning, this methodical approach ensures that everyone in the team knows how to do everything right before ramping up full-force.

Another takeaway that Dean got from his experience in the industry is the value of human resources. He applies this by bolstering the expertise of his team members and hiring only the best people. Coming from a background in accounting, Dean says the core strengths of Boomering is 30% accounting, 20% sales; the rest is all about being involved in a client’s team in as much or as little as a client requests. “We’ve got some clients that want two teams to integrate seamlessly, and there are also clients that want teams to play off each other.” Taking good care of its relationship with its clients is possibly Boomering’s greatest strength: its flexibility and adaptability to seamlessly mitigate the cultural differences is something that the company not only takes pride in, but also pushes its employees to master.

right structure

The right structure and system

Boomering presents two general options to clients; they can either choose to have flexible involvement on projects, or rely on an account manager to work with them. Personally, Dean prefers being more involved with clients and adding a personal touch to their interactions. “We’re trying to be involved as much as the client wants.” These options factor into how pricing structures work at Boomering, as 90% of the business is simply charging a seat fee and salaries on top of that, with a markup. Being almost solely seat-fee based, the price only slightly changes depending on Boomering’s level of involvement with the client. “But it’s not effortless,” Dean offers, “it’s not just a turn-the-key investment. Boomering wants people to know that we don’t oversell.” Always telling businesses what they should expect and going slow and steady to win the race— these make up the backbone of Boomering as a company.

Dean is also very particular with the structure that Boomering uses to conduct its work. In the era of high-speed internet and startups, freelancers and remote work have been on the rise. Most of the company’s clients have also had experience experimenting with hiring on freelancing sites, as well as offering remote work options. They have reported mixed results. “You always get what you pay for,” Dean says, “freelancing is cheaper, but there’s nothing like a structural environment and the feeling that you are involved in a team.”

Dean believes that a fully in-house BPO guarantees only the best results, as the organizational structure and infrastructure leads to full productivity and efficiency. Teams are also properly supervised, managed, supported, and trained constantly. “When you try to integrate a full team into a full business, we can provide better results because everything is in one spot, everyone is integrated, and everyone is managed by the same HR. Everyone’s reporting at the same time, and it’s a structural environment, and you’ll get much more out of your employees.” Uninterrupted work ensures that Boomering only focuses on streamlining the processes to get clients what they need.

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Value of outsourcing

The value of outsourcing

Dean says “outsourcing is an amazing way to bring value to your business,” and Boomering has taken the best qualities of big BPOs, addressing the weaknesses that often alienate clients from those BPOs, all while making their own processes better and more streamlined to better serve their clients. The company has flourished by conducting business with their clients in a more intimate and personalized manner, making sure their needs are well accommodated, and taking the clients’ personal requests into consideration. Organizational expertise is trained and instilled into employees, as their collective experiences and specializations make excellent and efficient contributions to the company. It also goes to show that providing structure is a fail-proof way of doing things, as an outsourcing provider with the right organizational structure, operational system and internal infrastructure— the foundation of how things are done at Boomering—delivers optimal results.

Click here to listen to episode 185 in full.

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