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A quick guide to hiring a suitable technical assistant

Have you come to a stage in your business where you’ve recognized the significance of having a technical assistant?

This decision is crucial, similar to selecting a co-pilot for your business journey. You need someone who understands technology and aligns well with your business goals. 

Let’s delve into the world of technical assistants, recognize the qualities to seek, point you toward where to find them, and help you choose the best one for your needs. 

What is a technical assistant?

A technical assistant is the person you rely on for anything related to technology. 

SixEleven BPO’s technical assistants are experts who solve problems and ensure your digital systems run smoothly. Whether handling software, fixing hardware issues, or assisting with IT tasks, they are your knowledgeable partner in the tech world.

What is a technical assistant

Qualities to look for in a technical assistant

When seeking a technical assistant, be mindful of these specific attributes that can significantly influence their job performance:

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Technical proficiency

Above all, your technical assistant should excel in the digital domain. Technical assistants must thoroughly understand your company’s:

Think of it like hiring an auto mechanic who can’t tell a wrench from a screwdriver – you wouldn’t want your technical assistant to be in a similar situation.

Problem-solving skills

Technical problems are common in the digital era. Your ideal technical assistant should have exceptional problem-solving abilities similar to Sherlock Holmes. 

Your technical specialist should enjoy analyzing issues, identifying problems, and offering practical solutions. 

Consider this: Can they troubleshoot a faulty printer as easily as solving a Rubik’s Cube?


The world of technology is always changing rapidly. New updates, tools, and trends appear before you know it. Technical assistants should be flexible, adaptable, and eager to acquire new knowledge. 

Your tech specialist should be like a chameleon in your organization, easily adjusting to different tech environments.

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Attention to detail

In the digital era, accuracy is absolutely essential. Even a small error like a misplaced comma in a code or an incorrect setting can cause major problems. 

A technical assistant should be meticulous in paying close attention to every detail. 

Can your tech assistant spot a typo in a thousand lines of code? That’s the level of precision you should be looking for.

Communication skills

Technical language can be confusing for many people. Your technical assistant should be like a translator, capable of simplifying complex tech ideas into plain and understandable English. 

Effective communication is crucial, whether your tech assistant keeps your team informed about IT updates or works with external partners.

Where to find the best technical assistants

Now that you know what qualities to look for, it’s time to find the perfect candidate. Here are some avenues to explore:

Online job boards

A fast way to begin your search is by exploring online job platforms. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are rich sources of tech talent. 

Use keywords like “technical assistant” along with your industry or specific tech needs to refine your search.

Company website

Don’t overlook the potential of your company’s website. Establish a dedicated careers page to display your company culture and values. 

Skilled technical assistants often look for organizations that resonate with their beliefs.

Technical communities

Tech enthusiasts often gather in online communities and forums. Platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Reddit are great places to discover emerging tech talents. 

Participate in these communities, and you may find your future technical assistant.


Word of mouth is a potent tool in the hiring process. Reach out to your professional network and request recommendations. 

Friends, colleagues, or industry contacts may be aware of skilled technical assistants seeking new opportunities.

University career centers

Universities and colleges are hubs for tech talent. Collaborating with a local educational institution can connect you with recent graduates eager to establish themselves in the tech industry.

Freelance platforms

If you’re open to hiring a remote or freelance technical assistant, platforms like Upwork and Freelancer provide access to a broad talent pool. 

You can discover experienced professionals or emerging stars interested in short-term projects.

Where to find the best technical assistants

How to select the right technical assistant

Choosing the perfect technical assistant ensures your technical projects run smoothly. 

Here are steps to guide you in making the best decision:

Define your requirements

Start by clearly outlining your tech needs. Specify the tasks you want your technical assistant to handle, such as software development, IT support, or a combination. 

Having a well-defined scope will guide your search.

Create a job description

Craft an appealing job description that lists technical requirements and emphasizes your company’s culture and values. Your ideal technical assistant should resonate with your organization’s mission.

Screen resumes

As resumes start coming in, play the role of a detective. Look for relevant experience, certifications, and a track record of problem-solving. 

Also, check for adaptability and attention to detail.

Conduct initial interviews

Use initial interviews to assess the candidate’s personality and cultural fit. Pose questions that reveal their problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and communication skills.

Technical assessment

A technical assessment is crucial to evaluate their proficiency. It could be a coding test, a system troubleshooting scenario, or a practical IT challenge. 

This step helps distinguish tech experts from novices.

In-person or virtual interviews

Depending on your hiring process, choose between in-person or virtual interviews. These interviews should dig deeper into their tech knowledge and problem-solving capabilities.

Discuss compensation and benefits

Have an open discussion about compensation and benefits. Ensure that your offer is competitive and in line with industry standards.

Be transparent about the financial aspects of the position and be prepared to address any negotiation points they may bring up.

Another interview rounds

For critical roles, consider additional interview rounds to make a well-informed decision. These rounds can focus on specific aspects such as leadership, teamwork, or project management skills.

Candidate questions

Allow candidates to ask questions about your organization. Their inquiries can provide insights into their level of interest and how well they’ve researched your company.


After a thorough evaluation, it’s time to make a decision. Consider all factors, from technical expertise to cultural fit, and select the best candidate.

Extend an offer

Once you’ve chosen, extend a well-structured offer that includes all necessary details, from compensation to the start date. This sets the stage for a smooth onboarding process.

How to select the right technical assistant

Empower your business with a technical assistant

Once the process of hiring a technical assistant is successfully completed, it’s time to witness the impact on your business. 

Your staff’s technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability will play a pivotal role in advancing your company’s tech initiatives.

Finding the right technical assistant may seem like searching for a needle in a digital haystack. 

However, now you are armed with the right criteria, know where to find them, and have a well-structured selection process. You are ready to find a tech-savvy team member who will help your business reach new levels of success.

You may find a dedicated and effective tech assistant through direct hiring or consider outsourcing to an established and reputable third party provider like Clark Staff.

Take the next step, start this tech journey, and witness your business flourish with the ideal technical assistant supporting you.

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