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Top 5 software development trends you shouldn’t miss in 2024

The tech world is a constantly – and rapidly – changing one. What might be a popular idea this month can be overshadowed by a new thing or practice in the next.

For this reason, businesses in the sector need to keep track of the latest software development trends. But with the myriad of updates and developments happening in the tech field, doing so can be a chore for entrepreneurs.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest software development trends that tech entrepreneurs and software developers alike must know.

Why businesses need to keep up with software development trends

Many reasons make it essential for companies to keep up to date with the latest software development trends. 

These include:

Competitive advantage

Businesses wishing to stay ahead of the competition must remain innovative and keep up with software development trends.

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One of the ways they can do this is by embracing new technologies and incorporating them into their software solutions.

Doing so can help differentiate them from competitors, deliver more innovative products, and attract more customers.

Efficiency and productivity

Software development trends often focus on improving efficiency and productivity. Adopting these new tools, methodologies, and frameworks can help businesses streamline their processes and automate tasks.

Meeting customer expectations

Like the tech industry, customer expectations are constantly evolving. Keeping up with software development trends can help companies leverage emerging technologies to create more intuitive and user-friendly products.

This results in better user experiences, improved customer satisfaction, and strengthened customer relationships.

Why businesses need to keep up with software development trends

5 software development trends you should know

Here are the top software development trends you should be aware of:

1. Global recognition of microservices

The recent Cloud and container developments have led to more developers considering microservices as a leading form of architecture (as opposed to monolith architecture).

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Monolith architecture (building a single big service and adding more features as it grows) has proven difficult to scale long ago.

However, it’s only now that microservices are gaining popularity. This is largely thanks to the many advances in cloud computing.

2. Python’s rising popularity

Python is a programming language that fits the need of every modern development.

Whether web development, mobile development, or an enterprise project, programmers can rely on Python to handle it.

Python stands out from other universal languages because users can use it for conducting:

  • Complex mathematical operations
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Neural network building
  • Data analysis

3. JavaScript remains the top go-to language for web development

Despite being hardly news for anyone in the tech field, it’s still worth mentioning that JavaScript remains the undisputed favorite among web developers.

Since Angular JS’s 2014 debut, the language has become more capable of handling many backend operations simultaneously.

JavaScript has always been a top choice for front-end development. The potential to use the language for both client-side and server-side has made it even more appealing for developers.

4. TensorFlow for AI development

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword globally for the better half of 2023. For software developers, incorporating AI into their practice has become commonplace.

The tech giant Google recognized this development and created TensorFlow, a neural network development library. When used with Theano, a leading AI framework, TensorFlow provides users with a fast environment for creating and testing neural networks.

5. Edge computing

Cloud computing isn’t the only computing innovation gaining traction this year. Statista forecasts that edge computing, which allows users to use software online or offline, will increase its market size 28 times from 2018 to 2025.

Edge computing’s appeal comes from letting users access software offline – something that can’t be done with Cloud computing.

This is made possible by moving data to the edge of a local network, hence the name.

5 software development trends you should know

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