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Home » Articles » Top 10 version control tools for software developers in 2024

Top 10 version control tools for software developers in 2024

Top 10 version control tools for software developers in 2023

Top 10 version control tools

  1. GitHub
  2. Apache Subversion
  3. Bitbucket
  4. Mercurial
  5. GitLab
  6. Perforce Helix Core
  7. Plastic SCM
  8. CVSNT
  9. Rational Team Concert source control
  10. AWS CodeCommit

These days, many modern applications run online and offer sophisticated version control within their programs. As development environments rise, version control tools have increased the efficiency of software teams.

You need extra help keeping track of your changes for an efficient project result.

What are version control tools?

Version control tools are software solutions that allow software developers to track the evolution of source code.

They manage changes made to codes and other files. These kinds of tools save every change to the code in a specific type of database.

These are also used to keep copies of different file versions to track changes. Each project version is stored in a separate file known as a checkout.

DevOps teams commonly use version control tools to improve continuous monitoring and increase successful deployments.

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A backup solution for your work is essential, and it’s worth setting up some version control for ease of use.

                                                                      What are version control tools?

You can be confident that everyone on your team has the most recent version of your project files, whether agreements, brochures, logos, or anything else.

Software developers[1] may go back in history and compare previous code versions if there is an error. They can correct the problem and minimizes disturbance to other team members. 

Further, version control tools can also be helpful for individual projects, especially if you want a way to go back and transport a file from older software or hardware. 

Four reasons you should use version control tools:

A software development environment[2] needs a good version system to facilitate a smooth and continuous flow of changes to the code.

Version control is an essential programming skill for software developers. It ensures that a code doesn’t break. 

In connection, version control is vital throughout the development process of all the software and applications your team is planning to create.

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Software teams that do not use any version control often encounter problems like incompatible code changes.

Version control tools help you in the following ways.

  • Improves visibility of data
  • Helps teams collaborate worldwide
  • Improves product delivery

Here are other reasons why you should use version control tools.

Keeps track of changes over time

One of the essential benefits of using a version control system is that it does more than just store files. 

Version control tools track changes over time so you can view them, revert to previous copies, or even integrate changes from one file into another.

When a new file version is added, the designated viewers and approvers will see the most recent version when reviewing it. 

They would no longer need to seek another database or read through the entire version history to discover and choose the most recent file.

Collaborate with other people

Version control tools can help you with collaborative work and provide easy ways to see who has applied changes to shared documents and what those are.

For example, if you’re working on a website’s source code with someone else, you can turn on the version control software and compare your work with the other person’s work.

As you make changes and constantly check your work with each other, it will show you what has been added, removed, or updated so that both versions remain synchronized.

        Four reasons you should use version control tools

Synchronizes data across multiple devices

Version control tools offer synchronization of others’ work in the syst

Branching is a distinct approach to version control where development programs are duplicated for parallel versions of development while keeping the original on the branch.

New users can upload further modifications to the central repository using a different device without disturbing the other user.

Adds a layer of security to protect codes

Besides automated backups, version control tools are one of the best ways to keep your data safe.

Because of the layer of protection it provides, even if someone gains access to your computer, they will be unable to tamper with the documents.

In addition, some version control tools have a feature where every update will be logged and recorded for everyone to see.

Top 10 version control tools for software developers

One of the biggest challenges of software developers is working together on a project. That’s why version control tools are essential for the team’s collaborative process.

Here is the list of version control tools that software developers may use for their projects.

1. GitHub

GitHub is the home of the world’s largest open-source community and offers all distributed revision control and source code management functionality.

This version control system is designed with speed, data integrity, and an elegant user interface. It also provides web-based graphical interfaces, desktop, and mobile integration.

GitHub is one of the essential version control tools to manage multiple cloud-based workflows, including sharing and collaborating effectively. 

2. Apache Subversion

Apache Subversion is a safe, secure, enterprise-class tool for managing source codes and revision history. This version control tool uses a client-server architecture and offers more complex version tracking. 

An additional feature of this version control system is branching, which allows a developer to store code in different versions for future purposes.

3. Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a source code repository that can be used as a version control tool.

It helps teams to collaborate, host repositories, and manage projects from inception to completion. 

Bitbucket also allows users to secure their data while simultaneously interacting with a large group. 

Further, it helps open source projects by sharing the code with other users and make it available for public view.

4. Mercurial

This version control tool is one of the latest systems equipped with many innovations and can work locally, over a network, or multiple project repositories.

Mercurial has cross-platform compatibility supporting  Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and other operating systems.

Additionally, this is an excellent tool for distributed and decentralized control, from complex e-commerce projects to single-developer projects.

5. GitLab

GitLab is the most popular open-source alternative to GitHub. It is a web-based repository hosting service that provides everything you need to build and run your software project.

GitLab’s primary advantage is enabling all team members to contribute during every project phase.

With its open-source software, GitLab has improved the way coders communicate, collaborate, and share their work with others.

It provides tracking from planning to creation to assist developers in automating the whole DevOps process and achieving optimal outcomes. 

A growing number of developers have begun to utilize GitLab due to its vast array of available capabilities and code modules.

6. Perforce Helix Core

Perforce Helix Core is a version control system for managing files and software development. It allows you to monitor what is occurring with your data. 

The primary features of this version control system are as follows:

  • Parallel checkouts
  • Access control
  • Auditing history
  • Advanced search options.

Further, it provides a usable software development environment and enables you to communicate changes across teams in a centralized manner.

7. Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM allows users to perform version control on the file level, do code reviews, enter bugs, and run a bug tracking report.

It aims to make a workflow more oriented towards a centralized command-and-control model. That way, the person who starts the process controls timing and access to all the branches involved.

Moreover, Plastic SCM features merge tracking that combines units and incorporates connections between revisions in a source branch.


CVSNT is one of the best version control tools that allows developers to save changes they make to code, documents, and files.

The changes you made to your files can be retrieved, restored, and archived using this version control tool.

The benefits associated with this tool are far-reaching, ranging from improved efficiency in development to better access to previous versions of your documents and codes.

9. Rational Team Concert source control

Rational Team Concert is a version control tool of IBM software and can be used as a software development management tool.

It offers a centralized, non-disruptive development method with an efficient database.

The management system of this tool allows team members to work on different projects without disrupting anyone else’s work.

10. AWS CodeCommit

Using this version control tool, you can store your Git or Subversion repositories in its cloud and access them from anywhere.

AWS CodeCommit provides a fully-managed client that makes it easy to create and manage your repositories with any tool that supports Git or Subversion.

The serverless environment of this tool provides you with scalability and flexibility. 

AWS CodeCommit is tightly integrated with AWS Cloud, allowing users to control their application code in a secure environment.

It also provides extra features not found in those standard version control tools, such as:

  • Solid repository encryption
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Support for workflows with approvals

Further, AWS CodeCommit for version control is the best choice if you do not have enough budget to use expensive tools like Bitbucket.

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