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How much do social media management packages cost?

Social media presence defines a brand’s success. Carefully planned posts can create good impressions and audience connections. Coupled with engaging visuals and copy, consumers can grasp a company’s brand story. 

This is the power of social media management.  

Various brands have become successful over the years. From huge businesses to startup brands, the more innovative the story is, the more popular it becomes. 

This success is not accidental. Rather, it is a product of a well-curated approach to establishing and maintaining an ongoing social media marketing strategy. 

This article discusses the strategies included in social media management packages and how much they cost. Use this as a guide in acing your company’s social media presence across all platforms. 

What is social media management?

Social media management is the process of creating and plotting various types of content to increase and maintain the brand’s audience across social media platforms.

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Different solutions can be combined depending on the company’s needs and preferences. This includes reputation management, paid social media strategy, community management, and content moderation.

Social media management goes beyond establishing an online presence and keeping up with trends. Building connections with various target audiences is easier with a solid social media presence. It can also help build rapport, trust, and, most importantly, loyalty.

What is social media management?

Popular social media management services

Service providers can offer various management packages to their clients.

Compared to a full-on marketing package, social media management packages can be tailored specifically to the client’s preferred platform, target audience, and content to post.

Here are three of the most popular services they get.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has dominated the marketing world. With huge followings, they are the perfect ingredient to solidify brand recall. 

Top-tier brands and small enterprises have tapped the potential of the influencer bandwagon. Each company has a success story on how these trends boosted its content marketing strategies. 

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Collaborating with influencers opens a new opportunity for brands to tap into new segments and audiences.

Normally, influencers have many followers from different walks of life. They leverage this diversity in exchange for brand sponsorships.

The good thing with influencer marketing is they add a human touch to any campaign. Their experiences become reliable and relatable pieces of information for potential customers. Followers, meanwhile, normally take their word for it all the time. 

Lead generation

Lead generation supports business growth and expansion by reaching out to fresh leads and converting them into paying customers. 

The changes in marketing dynamics pushed companies to better deal with customer queries. Fortunately, with the help of lead generation, they can ensure concerns are addressed promptly by the salesperson. 

At the same time, this has reshaped how companies create their marketing strategies—the traditional lead generation titled in favor of the new online methodologies. 

Companies that have failed to adapt to these changes find themselves behind their competitors. While early starters took advantage of these novel techniques, allowing them to scale better.

Targeted advertising and segmentation 

A good campaign is useless if it does not reach its target audience. With too many ads and content scattered across digital platforms, attention has become decentralized. Audiences are caught up in a sea of content they skip or consume in seconds.

Careful and strategic marketing solutions are critical in ensuring target audiences buy brand campaigns. The management should recognize the evolving nature of the market and look for ways to achieve its objectives.  

The first step is a thorough segmentation analysis. The business needs to understand its target market and develop a resonant message. This will help the audience appreciate the brand and its story. 

Thorough research maximizes the budget allotted for advertising campaigns, ensuring to target the right audiences for their product. 

Popular social media management services

Where to get social media management packages

Businesses can get their social media management services done differently: through DIY schemes, hiring freelancers, or outsourcing to social media companies.

DIY social media software management tools

DIYs are the way to go for businesses singlehandedly manage their assets, branding, and processes. These software management tools are often straightforward and user-friendly. It would not be hard to navigate these tools. 

Social media management software normally costs around US$10.00 to $599.00 monthly. This might increase depending on the added features, the plan to get, and the number of staff to handle it. There is also an option to try basic free plans with limited functionalities.

Here are some of the popular social media management tools and their prices.

PriceWith free features?
HootsuiteUS$29.00 – US$599.00 per monthYes
BufferUS$15.00 – US$399.00 per monthYes
SocialPilotUS$10.00 – US$80.00 per monthYes, free trial
StatusbrewUS$69.00 per monthYes, free trial
HubspotUS$1,120.00 per monthNo

On the other hand, social media platforms also offer built-in digital campaigns.

Targeted ads for Facebook can cost as little as US$0.94 per click or US$1 per day, depending on the user’s preferences. Though within the same company, Instagram ads are charged more.

Meanwhile, professional advertising for LinkedIn can cost around US$450 to US$850 per month.

Hiring freelancers 

If companies seek a more cost-effective approach, freelancers are a good option.

Social media managers on Upwork can be hired for up to US$35 per hour in the US. This depends on the level of expertise the business is after. For freelancers located in the Philippines or other cheaper destinations, their rates can be as much as US$10 per hour.

Enterprises can negotiate their terms and some operational processes they prefer for freelancers to adapt. 

Social media management companies

Social media companies offer a more holistic and reliable solution If the management is keen to dominate the digital world. They have the systems, services, and workforce to support businesses of different sizes and natures.

For instance, service providers like Wing Assistant package their offerings along with a dedicated social media assistant for better cost optimization.

Cost of social media marketing companies

The cost of hiring a social media management company may vary according to factors such as their content, frequency of posts, and the number of accounts they will handle.

On average, hiring a social media company in Clutch is between US$100 to US$400 per hour. This can shoot up depending on how much a company is willing to shell out for its social media management efforts. The more sophisticated it is, the higher the cost.

However, the cost of their services may differ on an hourly or even project basis. It hugely depends on the negotiations of both management on which works best for them.  Some social media marketing companies will charge differently. 

To better understand the cost of the engagement, it would be best to lay down the needs of each business. This will give the potential partner a good handle on how the partnership will progress. 

Cost of social media marketing companies

Why should you get social media management packages?

The pandemic has ended, and businesses are slowly recovering from the setbacks and recessions they have experienced. Leveraging a company’s online presence, especially in social media, necessitates a huge boost in sales more than ever. 

Social media presents a good opportunity for businesses to recover fully. If used well to its fullest potential, it can hook various customers, clinch their loyalty, and hold a strong market base. 

But it all starts with good and insightful business intelligence about the industry, the cultural landscape, and the intricacies of social media platforms.

There are two options for businesses to consider to make this work: work independently or hire a social media management company. 

It is advisable to hire the best social media companies locally or in offshore countries such as India and the Philippines. They have been in the landscape for so long. They understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of every campaign. 

They also have a good handle of various demographics enabling businesses to better position themselves in the digital community. 

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