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5 reasons to outsource content moderation

The online landscape has connected us more than any other invention in the past century. In the span of a few seconds, a comment posted in one country can be seen on the other side of the world. 

This isn’t necessarily good news, however. With everyone suddenly having a loud megaphone, it’s too easy to gain a negative image online, especially if the platform itself isn’t on your side.  

This is where content moderation comes in. And like other web services, outsourcing firms like Sourcefit can help you recruit for this role. 

The need for content moderation 

Content moderation is frequently misunderstood as censorship. It’s actually about ensuring that the content you publish online is safe for your users and compliant with platform regulations.  

You may have many reasons to moderate your content, including: 

  • It may be inappropriate for the general public to see content like nudity or violence. 
  • You might want to remove copyrighted material from your site or block users from accessing it. 
  • You need to comply with local laws or regulations about what type of content can be shown. 

There is a rising legislative demand for brands to pay more attention to content moderation, as opposed to the leeway previously given. 

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Content moderation is necessary for an age where nearly everyone has online access and can post their thoughts and opinions, whether appropriate or not. 

When businesses invest in content moderation, they gain these benefits: 

  • Protection in their brand. Keeping your content moderated and protected means your customers can trust you, and your reputation is clean. 
  • Boost customer engagement. Through engaging content, you keep customers coming back for more. Content moderation lets you identify topics that resonate with your audience, allowing you to drive traffic back to your website.   
  • Avoid legal issues. If your business deals with sensitive topics like health or finance, investing in content moderation can help you avoid legal issues from dissatisfied customers.  
The need for content moderation

Why outsource content moderation? 

Odds are your company has a content presence on social media or similar platforms. The online landscape is constantly changing, and outsourcing content moderation can help navigate it. 

Here are five reasons to outsource content moderation.

Keep costs under control

If you have many websites or pages to moderate, it could cost you thousands of dollars per month unless you outsource. 

Outsourcing content moderation allows companies to keep costs under control by hiring specialists in this field. With the increased content volume, finding qualified employees at affordable prices is worth it.  

Work with expert content moderators

Content moderation experts can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. An experienced outsourcing company offering this service will have all the necessary standards and procedures. 

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Content moderation is not easy work; It requires training, knowledge of content policies, and strong mental fortitude. When you outsource this work, you can be sure it goes to someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Access to the latest tools and technologies

The ability to access the latest tools and technologies is one of the most compelling reasons for outsourcing your content moderation needs. 

Professional outsourcing firms connect you to those with new tools, benefiting you from their expertise in applying cutting-edge solutions to your problems. 

These tools include AI-powered software for detecting hate speech and nudity detection algorithms. These are constantly being improved by the industry’s top players but can still be accessed through outsourcing. 

Improved efficiency

Content moderation is time-consuming and tedious when done by yourself. Automation tools from outsourcing companies streamline this process and save your team time and money. 

To stay competitive, you’ll need to be able to scale your content production team quickly when new trends emerge. Outsourcing allows you to do this without compromising quality while improving efficiency. 

More time for core business functions

By outsourcing content moderation, brands can focus on their core business functions. 

Many companies severely underestimate how much time content moderation consumes. It can often be hard for them to justify spending so much workforce on the process when they could be doing other tasks like marketing or product development. 

Outsourcing content moderation frees up your team’s time to work on actions more important to your company’s success. 

Why outsource content moderation?

Outsource content moderation through Sourcefit

Sourcefit has been prioritizing reliable, cost-effective outsourced content moderation services to some of the world’s most well-known brands since 2006. 

Sourcefit recruits skilled content moderators in: 

  • Website moderation
  • User-generated content moderation
  • Image and video moderation
  • Forum moderation
  • Community moderation and management
  • Profanity filtering
  • Profile moderation
  • Social media moderation

Content moderation is only one of the customized offshore staffing and outsourcing solutions that Sourcefit offers. Get started with them today.  

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