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How to better engage clients through real estate email marketing

Email marketing is a challenging alternative to traditional marketing conventions. 

For one, there is a higher chance that recipients will not respond. Not to mention, the lack of personal interaction makes it difficult to assess the possibility of closing a deal. 

There is also a huge chance that emails fall under the spam folder losing the chance of making a successful pitch. Hence, there are a lot of risks ascribed to sales email marketing. This is all the more true in real estate email marketing. 

Even if the realtor has a good house to sell, but the email recipient finds the message creepy, the possibility of getting it sold diminishes. 

So, how do sales email marketing work? How can real estate email marketing enable realtors and agents to help prospective buyers land quality properties? 

This is where email marketing software comes into play. With directed and tailor-fitted settings, emails will be directed to the prospective buyers’ inboxes, ensuring a 100% chance of lead conversion.  

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5 benefits of real estate email marketing

It might be a bit daunting for real estate agents at first. It is not what they are accustomed to and is more laborious in terms of creating tailor-fitted messages, tracking, and updating them. 

But with the right approach, real estate agents can realize the benefits of real estate marketing in making their work a lot easier and faster. 

Below are five known benefits of real estate email marketing:

Nurturing stronger professional connections

In real estate, a connection is everything. They lead agents from one prospective client to the other. It will also pave the way for new houses to sell. 

With the trust built, these connections will always redirect and call their trusted agents for any related problems. From these pools of connections, realtors can segment their clients into groups depending on their interests and niche. 

With real estate email marketing, they can send relevant content and materials that can help buyers make informed decisions. This way, it is not just trust that is built but also the confidence and authority that the agent knows what he is doing. 

5 benefits of real estate email marketing

Do more through extra time

Traditionally, real estate agents had to go from one place to another and schedule meetings with prospective buyers. 

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Some eventually become successful, while most of the time, pitches are thrown in thin air. 

With the help of automation, realtors can better plan their workload. 

They can initially pitch through an email before meeting the client. Real estate marketing software has appointment booking and emails sending schedules that automatically do the tasks of realtors on their behalf. 

This saved time can be allotted to nurturing other leads.  

Improve sales performance

The National Association of Realtors Research Group’s 2018 report states that 93% of customers prefer email as the primary mode of communication. 

For one, it is convenient for both parties as files only take minutes to be sent and read. Second, there is proper documentation of the transaction establishing trust and confidence between both parties. 

These factors combined allow for real estate transactions to be faster, transparent, and closed as soon as possible. 

5 benefits of real estate email marketing

Build and establish a database

It can be quite challenging to persuade your clients to subscribe to your monthly email marketing newsletter. 

Others might find it troublesome or even a waste of email memory. Encourage them by citing the exclusive perks of becoming part of the database and the freebies that come along with it. 

With this database, it will become easier to connect with clients and get potential requests from their connections. This database will gradually grow, leading to better coverage and reach. 

Targeted and tailor-fitted messaging

Emails may come off as a standard message from a firm. But with a bit of twist, it can be more customer-focused and directed to the client’s needs. 

The good thing with email marketing is that it is easier to customize the subscribers’ experience. Aside from the usual first name calling for familiarity, authoritative links and studies can be sent. 

This can be the basis of the offer too, as customers will find it more believable with the existence of precedents.  Hence, real estate email marketing does much for consumers and realtors. 

5 benefits of real estate email marketing

Why consider real estate email marketing?

Real estate marketing offers many ways for agents to communicate with their potential clients. 

Realtors can expect more opportunities to widen their reach by maximizing the benefits of the internet and technology. 

If leads are not responding to messages, supplementary content and activities can better prepare and inform prospective buyers of what they need to know. 

While real estate email marketing offers a lot of conveniences, it is still up to the real estate agent how it will present itself in front of the clients. 

Email marketing software is just there to enable and empower the agent to execute responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. The convincing factor still rests on the capabilities and talent of the agent to become credible and believable by the clients they engage with. 

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