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Increase your sales by outsourcing lead generation thru SixEleven

Increase your sales by outsourcing lead generation thru SixEleven

Improving an organization’s sales and revenue is a priority for any company. In fact, every single marketing strategy devised by companies is aimed at this one goal – increasing their sales.

Various marketing techniques like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and cold calling are forms of lead generation. Theses methods enable organizations to attract prospective customers.

To further ramp up potential sales, many companies have begun outsourcing lead generation to offshore outsourcing firms like SixEleven.

This practice has since become a staple in most business conduct.

What is lead generation?

As mentioned earlier, lead generation is a term that encompasses a business’s entire efforts to attract new customers and increase its sales.

In lead generation, the word lead pertains to any individual or business that has shown interest in the “lead generator’s” product or service.

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These leads may or may not have directly shown potential to be customers, but nonetheless fit the blanket description of a business’s existing client base.

On the other hand, generation is the umbrella term for all efforts the marketing team has done to create compelling advertising to reel in the aforementioned leads. 

What is lead generation?

B2B lead generation vs B2C lead generation

There are two types of lead generation. Business-to-consumer (B2C) is aimed at individuals, and business-to-business (B2B) is for organizations.

While both types of lead generation ultimately serve the same purpose, how this goal is pursued differs.

In B2B lead generation, the sales cycle tends to go on for a more extended period as business-to-business transactions are far larger than their B2C counterparts. Contracts between business entities typically take several months or even years to settle.

Businesses also tailor unique and “custom-fit” content when dealing with B2B and B2C leads.

With B2B clients, marketers commonly produce infographics, white papers, and case studies to satisfy the often well-researched and fussy business leads and coax them further into the sales process.

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This approach changes with B2C leads already in the buying phase of the process.

When dealing with these individual leads, marketers utilize personalized messages, promos, and other sales offers.

How can outsourcing lead generation boost your sales?

By itself, the business process outsourcing already brings plenty of benefits for companies, such as reduced operating costs and 24/7 availability. Another benefit of outsourcing lead generation is its positive impact on the organization’s sales.

Below are some ways outsourcing lead generation processes significantly increases a company’s sale:

Access to skilled field professionals

Entrusting your business’s lead generation process to a trusted outsourcing firm like SixEleven gives you access to their pool of highly qualified professionals.

These professionals come with years of field knowledge and experience that can improve your company’s lead generation performance.

Moreover, outsourcing firms invest in these lead generation agents’ training and upskilling – ensuring you’ll be getting only the best in the market.

Access to lead technology

Aside from having access to skilled agents, outsourcing lead generation also gives you access to the leading industry software and hardware that they use.

These leading techs allow lead generation agents to reach out to a broader range of customers over different channels, including email, live chat, live calls, and social media.

Access to 24/7 operations

As stated earlier, outsourcing lead generation to an offshore firm lets you tap into a 24/7-available workforce.

You’ll no longer have to worry about downtimes and potentially missing out on leads when you have continuous and uninterrupted operations.

How can outsourcing lead generation boost your sales
How can outsourcing lead generation boost your sales

Why SixEleven is the leading choice for lead generation

A proven track record of excellent service is a must when choosing an outsourcing firm. This is a department where SixEleven does not disappoint.

With over 15 years of experience and boasting 3,000 seats (and still growing), this leading Davao-based firm has proven itself capable of going toe-to-toe with industry stalwarts.

To ensure it only provides partners with the most capable agents, SixEleven’s agents undergo a two-week training program to familiarize themselves with the client’s project.

Before this training, SixEleven allows its partner companies to cross-check the agents assigned to them and assess whether they fit their standards.

This tailor-fit hiring method allows clients to choose agents that will connect with their brand’s target audience and increase the probability of lead generation.

Contact SixEleven now and be one step closer to your best sales records yet!

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