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7 reasons why you need to outsource invoicing services

There’s no doubt that outsourcing is a good way to innovate your business. The process of it may be tricky, but the payoff is very much worth it.

Even outsourcing your smallest processes could save you and your team loads of time, effort, and to an extent, overhead costs — an example is to outsource invoicing services.

Invoicing may take a lot of effort, especially if the receiver takes some time to reflect back on the posted payment. 

Since this document is time-stamped and goes back and forth from the sender to the receiver, it’s safe to say that invoices are time-sensitive as well.

Can you outsource invoicing?

Yes, you can outsource invoicing. You can delegate tasks to an external business processes outsourcing company or to an independent third party.

Any non-core services and business processes can be outsourced to experts—given that they’re experienced, willing to learn, and eager to work with you.

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When you outsource invoicing services to providers like Staff Domain, your bookkeeping tasks can also be effectively managed and prioritized by a team of skilled employees.

Can you outsource invoicing

How much does it cost to outsource invoicing services like accounts payable?

When you outsource invoicing services, it’s hard to pinpoint or even estimate the cost since every outsourcing company is different. But on the other hand, outsourcing to freelancers and independent contractors may be easier to estimate.

For instance, if you outsource invoicing services such as accounts payable to a freelancer who’s paid by the hour, wages can go as low as $5 USD. If the workload covers 40 hours a week, that’s $200 a week or $800 a month.

Keep in mind that the figures above are a very rough estimate of how much it costs to outsource accounts payable to a freelancer or an independent contractor.

Why you need to outsource invoicing services

1. Cost-effectivity

One of the most obvious reasons why companies and businesses turn to outsourcing is to save resources. Outsourcing is, by nature and definition, designed to save costs by cutting overhead expenses.

Since outsourcing companies provide the workforce and the physical environment, amongst other things, employers can cut off these expenses—allowing them to save up resources.

That being said, when employers (the clients) opt to outsource invoicing services, they still need to invest money into outsourcing companies and their services.

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2. Enhanced productivity

Companies that provide outsourcing services often have a high standard when it comes to producing outputs on time.

Their employees are constantly thriving and working on projects assigned to them.

When and if you ever decide to outsource invoicing services, you will notice a sudden spike in productivity.

Team leaders and managers from outsourcing companies ensure that their distributed workforce and team are hitting those KPIs and deadlines.

Why you need to outsource invoicing services

3. No room for error

Speaking of team managers, most (if not all) of them can be hands-on with their team. This means that with proper guidance and best practices, errors can be avoided.

Of course, in invoicing errors and mistakes are kept to a minimum as even the smallest typographical error can lead to a huge dispute.

Invoicing experts—be it freelancers or from outsourcing companies—are trained to produce accurate invoices and paperwork.

4. Shorter payment processes

With faster and more efficient processes comes shorter payment cycles.

Once you outsource invoicing services, all incoming and outgoing paperwork and files will follow a standard template. 

Some businesses use programs and apps to automate their payment processes, opening up their invoice to inevitable machine errors.

5. Streamlining your processes

There’s no doubt that when you outsource invoicing services, you will also be able to streamline your invoicing operation.

Streamlining your processes will allow you and your in-house team to be more efficient and productive alongside your outsourced employees.

With a streamlined invoicing system, there would be less room for errors. By definition, streamlining is the act of simplifying processes and procedures to eliminate unnecessary workloads

Why you need to outsource invoicing services

6. Introduces flexibility

There’s no doubt that outsourcing, even outside the invoicing and billing department, introduces flexibility to the in-house team in lieu of a lighter workload.

When partnering with service providers, you may want to outsource the non-core services and repetitive workload first. Keep the essentials in-house so you can keep an eye out for the best practices happening in place.

7. Maintaining quality

Maintaining the quality of work and outputs is one of the telltale signs of whether a team is efficient or not.

Working with outsourced invoicing experts, it’s important to maintain the quality as if the work is still done in-house. It’s even better when the output surpasses the standards that the client has set.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that in-house outputs are better than the output that outsourced employees deliver and vice versa.

What happens if you don’t outsource invoice processing?

Nothing really bad will happen if you don’t outsource invoicing services, given that your business is already well in shape.

Always remember that outsourcing is a business model that can pose a solution for certain issues. It’s not a one-stop solution for deeply-seated problems in a company.

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