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Why nearshore software development is a game-changer for Australian businesses

Why nearshore software development is a game-changer for Australian businesses

There has been a significant increase in the demand for software development worldwide. In fact, Statista’s recent report shows that the global enterprise software market is forecasted to reach $263.80bn this year, 2023

One of the primary reasons for this phenomenon is the vast evolution of technology. It brought forth innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smartphones, virtual and augmented reality websites, and cryptocurrency.

In today’s globalized market, nearshore software development has become a game-changer for many tech companies. The Philippines, with its similar time zone and cultural affinities, has emerged as a particularly attractive nearshore software development destination for companies in Australia and New Zealand.

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of nearshoring to the Philippines, and how partnering with a reputable firm like Arcanys can provide businesses with a winning solution for their software development needs.

What is nearshore software development?

Nearshoring is the process through which a company relocates its activities from a distant nation to a close one. 

Data entry, technical assistance, and contact center positions are the most common types of outsourced services. One rising trend is nearshore software development.

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What is nearshore software development

Examples of typical nearshoring include:

  • A US-based corporation that outsources to a third-party service provider in Mexico.
  • A German customer delegating work to a provider of extended development services elsewhere in Europe.

Another instance of nearshoring would be businesses in Australia that outsource their software development functions to nearshore countries like the Philippines. 

Australia and Philippines’ time zone proximity and matching cultural backgrounds enable seamless collaboration between nearshoring software development teams. 

If you are considering adopting nearshore software development in the Philippines, Arcanys is among the trusted outsourcing partners currently in demand.

Why nearshore software development is a game-changer for Australian businesses

Here’s why nearshore software development in Asian countries like the Philippines is a game-changer for Australian and New Zealand companies:

Time zone compatibility

Many outsourcing providers in the country, including software development firms, offer nearly identical office hours to their clients or they can operate under your time zone.

The time difference between the Philippines and Australia (the western part) is only up to three hours apart. Australian businesses see this as a highly appealing opportunity to nearshore specialized services in the country.

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Dedicated and professional talents

Filipinos are proficient in the English language. They speak with a neutral accent and have a solid knowledge of English vocabulary. Because of this, it is easier for nearshore client countries like Australia and New Zealand to communicate and build rapport.

Filipinos’ English proficiency is undisputed; in fact, the country ranks the second country in Asia with the highest English proficiency – next only to Singapore.

Software developers and engineers are also in great demand in the Philippines. These professionals have great attention to detail and proficient knowledge of various tools, frameworks, and software applications.

Why nearshore software development is a game-changer for Australian businesses

Besides proficiency and digital transformation, the country’s work culture is also lauded by global employers. Filipinos are known for their hospitality, dedication, excellent work ethics, and ability to provide satisfactory work and outputs.

The Philippines wouldn’t be the nearshore outsourcing powerhouse that it is today if it weren’t for the Filipino talent. In the Asia-Pacific, the Philippines is among the top seven nations on the GSLI, a metric indicating outsourcing attractiveness.

That said, it’s no surprise that the professionals in the country, including software engineers, strongly focus on hard work.

With the growing demand for nearshore software development in neighboring countries, Arcanys can provide you access to their 250+ on-demand software engineers with a solid work ethic and excellent soft skills.

Arcanys’ developers recognize the importance of devotion in the global work market, are loyal, and maintain professionalism.

Affordable rates

Businesses may save 50 to 60% on operating costs by nearshoring developers in the country. 

Premier outsourcing providers like Arcanys ensure you get the most out of your investment with quality work and value for money.

Hire a nearshore software development team from Arcanys

Is it time for you to look for a nearshore software development team? Arcanys enables you to scale software development teams from the Philippines and Bulgaria. 

Arcanys can provide you with professional software engineers to supplement your teams and become long-term partners.

Connect with Arcanys today to get the benefits of outsourced software development teams.

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