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How nearshore development is key in increasing customer conversion

This article is a submission by Rootstack. Rootstack provides high-quality technology and software outsourcing services and creates outstanding digital experiences.

Let’s be clear: the objective of every company is to improve productivity daily, which translates into greater customer conversion.

This is key to the growth and expansion of any business, but also one of the hardest goals to achieve at the beginning. Everything is based on trial and error until we find the formula to increase that conversion.

But companies do not have to fight this battle alone. In the technology industry, collaborative work modalities greatly enhance projects.

One of these modalities is nearshore development, which has become a great option when looking for experienced developers to be hired temporarily and for a specific task.

The presence of nearshore development in the world

In 46 countries, nearshore development is very present in companies, according to research carried out by Pamela Abbott, from the University College of Dublin and by Erran Carmel, from the Kogod School of Business.

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The researchers indicated that these nations are grouped into three large clusters:

  • First, with 19 countries around the USA and Canada
  • Second, with 25 nations in Western Europe
  • Third, includes Japan and Korea

They also indicate that many nations present the following duality:

  • They are countries where customers are located
  • At the same time, they are very attractive nearshore destinations

Working with a nearshore development company can be a good decision from the point of view of legislation.

The presence of nearshore development in the world

By hiring a provider in a different city or in a different country but close to or within the same continent, the issue of laws can be dealt with in an easier and more understandable way for both parties.

Another of the biggest attractions of nearshore development is that nearby countries have greater cultural affinities, which can greatly facilitate the integration of nearshore resources with the in-house team.

This also greatly facilitates communication and understanding between the parties since they will handle similar codes of communication and conduct.

How nearshore development is key in increasing customer conversion

Here’s how nearshore development can help boost customer conversion:

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Experienced personnel

Software developers and engineers that makeup nearshore development teams usually have much more experience than in-house staff since they are constantly collaborating with companies from different countries around the world.

Being in contact with various firms, cultures, and different kinds of projects greatly nourishes developers. It allows them to learn to better manage projects and develop a valuable response and problem-solving capacity.

Nearshore development profiles often work remotely and temporarily with clients. This allows them to have flexible hours, thanks to which they have continuous updating and learning opportunities, which is useful in their work.

Experienced staff will better shape your project, building it not only technically well but adding strategic, experience-based functionality that will get your project off the ground and increase customer conversion.

How nearshore development is key in increasing customer conversion

More time for strategic tasks

In some cases, the in-house teams of the companies remain small for the large volume of work that appears. And when the team is at the height of technical work, there isn’t much time left to come up with strategic tasks that will drive the software products that are being created.

There is no point in having a perfectly created software solution if, at the strategy level, the company has no plan to market the product.

A nearshore development team can delegate the development of the software that your company wants to create, which will clear your schedule a lot to be able to dedicate more hours to the strategic tasks of your company.

For example, now that the development team has more time available, they can meet with the marketing team to evaluate the features and functionality of the software product.

This will make it possible to develop marketing campaigns that are much more accurate and faithful to the product, reaching many quality users who can become customers.

Better user experience

One of the most important aspects of a software product is the graphical interface that it displays to the public.

It is what will determine the experience that the user will have. If it is positive, it is very likely that the user will continue browsing the platform until a purchase is made. If the experience is negative, then the user will end up leaving the site or platform, never to return.

The user must feel comfortable browsing the app or website. A good user experience is only achieved by hiring UX/UI design experts, which you can get through the nearshore development modality.

If you do not have sufficiently experienced UX designers in your in-house team, you can always hire a temporary and external profile through nearshore development, who will integrate into your project and do its magic.

UX design and user experience will be key to increasing customer conversion, so it is a detail you must keep in mind when developing software.

How nearshore development is key in increasing customer conversion

Global vision of the market

When creating a software product, companies must think big. Keeping in mind to reach much broader markets, not stay only in the local.

For this, it is always good to have external resources from other countries since they will provide a different perspective on the international market and on what users need.

Nearshore development companies employ developers and engineers from all over the world, having a wide pool of talent that they offer to their clients.

Hiring a provider of this type can be very beneficial for your company because you can acquire a developer suited to your project needs quickly and within budget.

This global vision provided by nearshore development resources helps make the product much more valuable and relevant in the international market since it will satisfy not only the local market but also the global one.

For example, if your company is from India and you hire a software developer in the USA, this developer will know what are the most valued features and functionalities in that country and what they can include in your product to make it relevant in that market.

Cost effectivity

Implementing nearshore development in your company will considerably improve the return on investment (ROI).

Firstly, all overhead costs will be reduced as they will fall on the nearshore partner that is hired. You won’t also have to deal with aspects such as the recruitment or training process or any administrative operation.

In addition, you will be saving on infrastructure -since the nearshore partner works remotely. You will not be required to invest in technology either because the partner is constantly training to offer the best tools to its clients.

The biggest advantage is that a nearshore development partner helps companies build their products quickly and agilely, so the time to market can be faster. This means that you will see the results and profits of this project much faster.

So, if you want to develop a software solution, your first option is to hire a nearshore development partner.

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