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Exploring the role of a machine learning engineer

Machine learning has become pivotal in various industries, from finance to healthcare. It continuously revolutionizes how organizations form campaigns, personalize their services, and optimize the entire experience for their customers.

Central to this revolution is the machine learning engineer – a professional with unique skills bridging data science and software engineering.

Named the best job in the US in 2019, the demand for this role spiked with the rise of automation and AI tools in the market.

If hiring an in-house machine learning engineer is costly, offshoring through service providers such as Outsourced can be your alternative.

This article gives you an insight into machine learning engineers’ roles, responsibilities, and the growing demand in the job market.

What does a machine learning engineer do?

A machine learning (ML) engineer is a specialized role within the broader field of data science. ML engineers focus on designing, building, and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) systems for machine learning.

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They are tasked to create algorithms and models to become practical solutions that can be integrated into various applications.

What does a machine learning engineer do
What does a machine learning engineer do?

Machine learning engineers hold various responsibilities in forming these systems, such as the following:

  • Verifying the quality of data
  • Performing and applying statistical analysis
  • Testing machine learning models
  • Training and retraining AI systems
  • Creating and updating machine learning libraries

Machine learning engineer vs. Software engineer

While machine learning and software engineers are involved in building applications, they have distinct roles and skill sets.

Software engineers primarily focus on developing the architecture of software applications. They can apply automation processes to the systems they create, though they prioritize more on its functionality and usability.

On the other hand, machine learning engineers specialize in creating and implementing machine learning algorithms. They ensure that these algorithms work effectively in the application’s context.

Skills required for a machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer requires diverse skills, combining technical expertise and problem-solving abilities.

Here are five essential skills that every machine learning engineer should possess:

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Proficiency in programming languages

Machine learning engineers must be proficient in Python, R, Java, or C++. These languages are used for data processing, model building, and implementation.

Strong background in mathematics and statistics

A machine learning engineer’s solid understanding of mathematics and statistics is crucial in forming algorithms. Ideally, they must possess an advanced knowledge of linear algebra, Bayesian statistics, and other related fields.

Knowledge of data preprocessing

The effectiveness of machine learning models is directly linked to the quality of the data they are trained with. 

Machine learning engineers must know how to preprocess and clean data to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their models.

Familiarity with machine learning frameworks

Machine learning engineers must be familiar with popular machine learning libraries and frameworks for efficient model development.

Some commonly used libraries for machine learning include TensorFlow, PyTorch, and sci-kit-learn.

Problem-solving and analytical thinking

A machine learning engineer must have strong problem-solving and analytical skills to identify the best approach for a given task. ML engineers are responsible for fine-tuning models for optimal performance.

Should you hire a machine learning engineer offshore?

The demand for this role has skyrocketed in recent years due to the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making. 

Should you hire a machine learning engineer offshore
Should you hire a machine learning engineer offshore

The Future of Jobs 2023 reported that AI and machine learning-related work will even grow by up to 40% in the coming years.

Hiring a machine learning engineer offshore can be the best option for businesses looking to tap into a global talent pool.

Offshored machine learning engineers can bring diverse perspectives and ideas, enriching the development process. Additionally, they can offer a fresh take on problem-solving and help your company stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

If you’re considering hiring a machine learning engineer offshore, look no further than Outsourced, a leading provider of developers from the Philippines. They connect businesses with top-tier professionals serving as an extension of your existing team.

Outsourced is known for sourcing the best technology staffing in the Philippines, including machine learning engineers.

With a vast talent pool and a rigorous selection process, Outsourced ensures you access the most suitable talent for your business.

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