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How to build an optimized lead funnel for your business

The goal of marketing has always been to make a connection with your prospects at the right time and place. Today, the internet is the primary place where sellers and consumers trade.

The interactions and demands you get from your website’s visitors are called leads. Using a lead funnel lets you get in touch with a customer or client as soon as they want it. Your chances of closing the deal are increased compared to cold-calling.

What is a lead funnel?

A lead funnel is a visual representation of the stages that leads take. It starts from being aware of your brand to making a purchase.

There are four elements that comprise the marketing lead funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

To develop a successful lead funnel, you need to evaluate your audience carefully.

Many marketers do this by choosing the ideal communication channels for each step and cutting any approaches not working for your company.

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What is a lead funnel?

Why is a lead funnel important?

The main importance of a lead funnel, aside from determining your target audience, is that it helps you run and monitor the conversion process more efficiently.

There are several advantages in using a lead funnel in your marketing operations:

  • Speed up the lead-to-customer conversion time
  • Marketers are able to better understand and influence the customer’s journey
  • Nurture outbound lead and create an impression on the consumer
  • Keep track of all the processes that lead up to a sale
  • Develop awareness and interest in your products and services

The 4 stages of a lead funnel 

Understanding the lead funnel stages is critical to your success as a business owner or marketer. Throughout the customer’s journey, each stage has a specific function. 

The material offered to the consumer at each level should reflect its purpose.


The most crucial factor in getting new consumers for your business is making people aware of it. At this point, those who are looking for a solution to a certain problem will be aware of your business.

Content that educates your audience is the key to gaining the awareness of your target market. If you realize that your content does not meet the needs of your target audience, it is time to make a change.


Customers have visited your website as a result of raising awareness. Now, the goal in the interest stage is to keep your audiences engaged so that you can turn them into clients.

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The key to attracting and retaining consumers is to provide a high-quality user experience. It is possible to create a memorable experience for your consumers in a variety of ways. But first, you have to know who you’re trying to reach and what they want.


The decision stage is where you need to convince your audience that your company can solve their problems better than your rivals. For example, you can create a landing page that showcases all technical details and explains how your business operates. 

Giving marketing information to your customers is a good way to show them a comparison that shows your products’ edge over those of your rivals. 

Your clients will use this knowledge about your offerings to satisfy their own unmet requirements in the desired phase of the marketing funnel.


After deciding on a product, individuals look around for the best price among several internet retailers. In order to convert a potential consumer, provide an enticing offer at this point.

Once your consumer is already convinced, it’s time for them to make an action to purchase. 

Since most consumers are now using their mobile phones in shopping, ensure that your website is also optimized for mobile devices. Your website should make it easy for customers to complete the transactions.

The 4 stages of a lead funnel 

How can you optimize your lead funnel?

Optimizing the lead funnel of your business has several advantages. Here are some of the things you can do to improve your lead funnel processes.

Discover the customer journey map

Understanding your customer’s journey is the first step in developing your initial lead generation. The goal of a lead funnel is to establish an effective buyer’s journey and improve conversions.

You can create a lead funnel after you know what your final objective is. Creating a visual representation of your funnel might help you keep your eye on the target as you go.

Plan out the funnel stages and objectives

To verify that you’re fulfilling your goals, try employing tracking tools to monitor your progress. When it comes to measuring your success, you may use Google Analytics or email automation software, for example.

Optimize existing content

The primary goal of a content marketing funnel is to produce content that brings in revenue. An effective content marketing plan will allow your company to interact with and influence customers on every level of the funnel.

SixEleven could also help you build your lead generation tunnel. Their expert agents could assist in reaching out to high-quality leads that can turn into loyal customers of your company.

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