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Inside Infinit-O: business as usual

Inside Infinit-O business as usual

Infinit-O cares about its clients as much as they care about their offshore staff and teams. With this, they considered not just the assurance of continuity but the welfare of the staff during these times. 

While most companies in the Philippines work at 66.5% capacity during the lockdown, Infinit-O works at a rate of 93%. This is because the management acted quickly and set up a response plan right away. This article shows their strategies in place, steps are taken in continuing their operations, and how Infinit-O steps up from this game.

Infinit-O Response
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Why build an offshore team as an extension of your company

Offshore staffing can do a lot for your business. It provides more than just the savings but the convenience, availability, and assurance that your business works as usual even during major calamities occur.


When hiring an offshore team, you don’t have to worry about not reaching your full capacity due to unavailable staff. Your team will become more reachable even if they work far from you and will still be ready to serve your customers during business hours. 


Your processes will be transferred online for easier integration. Anything, down from attendance tracking, performance monitoring, to their actual works will be visible to you and your team. With this, managing your records, tasks, and progress will be made a lot easier without going to a physical office.


Online tools can make working a lot easier for your offshore team. Most collaboration tasks such as meetings, review and approval of works, and even designing can be done online with the help of web-based software and internet connection. 

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With offshore staffing, you don’t have to spend money on additional resources such as workspaces, hardware devices, and office supplies. Instead, your BPO company will provide this to help your team work right away. Work from home arrangements even makes it more convenient to lessen your staff’s commute.

Why build an offshore team as an extension of your company

BCPs in place by Infinit-O

Right after the Philippine government declared a public health emergency regarding COVID-19, Infinit-O has strategized plans and procedures on work arrangement of staff and their clients. This gave them ample time to adjust to the WFH setup to assure business continuity. Some of the aspects they considered include: 

Tech provisions

Infinit-O understands the risks of working from home, especially with data and cybersecurity. With this, the company implied several measures to strengthen security and prevent data breaches and suspicious activities.


The company wants to make sure that no unauthorized persons can access their system. With this, multi-factor authentication is in place, exclusively for staff and clients. They also provide 24/7 IT support in case errors in the system happen. They have also put cyber insurances as compensation for system errors and damages that will arise.

Data security

Most importantly, they need to take care of their clients’ entrusted data. They have undergone risk assessment and planning on how to further protect their encryption while working remotely. Aside from letting their employees work on company laptops and desktops, they have active cloud storages and infrastructures in place. 

Incident handling

No matter how they are prepared and confident about their processes, errors will always occur while working. With this, they have formulated policies on breach and incident reporting to support their system. Each incident will be analyzed through a root-cause analysis to take proper action for it. They have also set up a team to handle all incident reports that will occur for the duration of the quarantine.

Client collaboration and updates

They never leave a single client behind during disruptions. They continuously update and work with clients to assure that their operations work as usual. BCPs, policies, and other resources are also posted to their website for transparency. What’s more, they also work with their clients’ BCPs to help them get back on their feet during and after the crisis.

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Resource pages

infinit-O has set up resource pages for transparency and updates. At times like this, they value the importance of information dissemination to keep their clients and staff from worrying. From this, they also provide tips and advice on how to take better care of their business, operation, and personal health and wellness.

Several resource pages on their website include:

  • Company policies
  • Preventive measures
  • COVID-19 facts and updates (based on WHO)
  • News updates
  • BCPs in place and FAQ pages
  • Townhall sessions and Q&A through Infinit-O’s Facebook Live
  • Other resources (health and wellness, remote work, and other engagements online)

Digital hiring process

They are also aware that their clients might need replacement or additional staff should they need to expand their business. This is why they continuously screen and hire WFH staff through a digital process.

Instead of applicants going physically to the office, they undergo exams and screenings over the web. Video and phone interviews are done through mobile phones and Skype. And since most government offices are closed as well, administrative requirements such as NBI clearances, tax identification numbers, and benefits are submitted and processed online.

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