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Why your business needs a global HRIS

Why your business needs a global HRIS

With each day, businesses are crossing borders and expanding their reach worldwide. This expansion offers opportunities for growth, innovation, and increased profitability.

By venturing beyond domestic borders, enterprises aim to diversify revenue streams and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

This global expansion demands a unified, efficient system to handle the intricacies of managing a diverse workforce across different regions. This system, often behind the scenes but a role to success, is a global HRIS.

What is an HRIS?

An HRIS is a software or technology solution that combines and automates various human resources functions and processes into a unified database. 

An HRIS manages functions like:

  • Employee data management
  • Recruitment 
  • Onboarding
  • Training 
  • Performance management 
  • Payroll
  • Benefits administration

By centralizing and organizing crucial information, an HRIS enables HR professionals to make infrared decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and improve overall management.

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What is an HRIS
What is an HRIS?

Defining global HRIS

A global HRIS is a specialized software designed to oversee HR functions across various countries or regions where a company operates.

Unlike traditional HR systems that primarily cater to a single location or country, a global HRIS is engineered to accommodate the complexities inherent in managing an international workforce.

This centralized hub consolidates HR processes, data, and information, ensuring uniformity and coherence across different geographical locations. It also navigates the intricacies of diverse labor laws, cultural disparities, and regulatory frameworks specific to each region.

A global HRIS acts as a unifying force, eliminating the inefficiencies and inconsistencies that may arise from using multiple disparate systems.

Functionalities of global HRIS

A global HRIS is meticulously crafted to address the diverse needs and complexities of managing personnel across multiple countries or regions.

Here’s a closer look at its essential functionalities:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrated into a global HRIS serves as a comprehensive tool to streamline recruitment endeavors. 

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This computer software centralizes candidate data for efficient application management and fosters collaboration among global hiring teams. It simplifies the entire recruitment process by providing a centralized platform for the following initiatives:

  • Tracking candidates
  • Managing resumes
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Facilitating communication across various locations

Ultimately, the ATS within a global HRIS optimizes hiring procedures and ensures a cohesive approach to talent acquisition on an international scale.

Payroll system management

A global HRIS mitigates the complexity of the payroll system by automating its processes. This system ensures accuracy, compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks, and adherence to regional tax structures.

Payroll system management
Functionalities of global HRIS

Benefits administration

A global HRIS system allows HR teams to navigate benefit structures efficiently. It accommodates diverse health plans, retirement options, and other perks specific to different countries or regions.

Succession planning

Succession planning, a critical aspect of organizational development, gains substantial support from global HRIS platforms. These systems enable HR professionals to identify and nurture talent seamlessly across borders.

Leveraging these systems’ data and analytics capabilities, HR teams can do the following essential actions:

  • Identify high-potential individuals across diverse locations
  • Implement targeted development programs
  • Facilitate smoother transitions for key leadership positions

Time and attendance

Global HRIS can also manage employee attendance and work hours. The system accommodates the complexities of diverse time zones and intricate scheduling requirements that come with a dispersed workforce.

This offers a centralized platform to track attendance, leaves, and hours worked.

Moreover, it enables seamless integration with various time-tracking software, ensuring accuracy and consistency in recording work hours across different regions. 

Benefits of a global HRIS

Here are the significant benefits of adopting a global HRIS in your organization:

Collects data for compliance

A global HRIS is a centralized repository for crucial HR-related information, streamlining data collection and storage across diverse geographical regions.

Housing all pertinent data within a unified system facilitates adherence to a spectrum of global regulations and local labor laws. 

This consolidation significantly mitigates the risk of non-compliance, ensuring that the organization operates within the legal frameworks of each region.

Acts as the single source of truth

Combining HR data from various sources and locations into a singular platform enables global HRIS to ensure uniformity and consistency in information.

This consolidation minimizes discrepancies, errors, and duplication that often arise from managing data across diverse systems or manual records.

This single source of truth also results in these additional proven benefits:

  • Streamlined decision-making processes
  • Empowered HR professionals with precise insights
  • Enhanced overall efficiency of operations by eliminating outdated data

Permits data tracking

One of the paramount benefits of a global HRIS is its capability to permit comprehensive data tracking. This enables real-time monitoring and analysis of employee data across different regions or countries.

Since global HRIS adheres to stringent data governance standards, there’s no need to worry about confidentiality breaches.

This tracking capability doesn’t merely stop at data collection; it empowers HR professionals to address potential issues swiftly and proactively.

Whether it’s identifying patterns in absenteeism or monitoring training progress, this data-driven approach facilitates strategic interventions and fosters a proactive HR strategy.

Global workforce visibility

A global HRIS provides organizations with a unified view of their global workforce. This enables HR professionals to gain insights into workforce demographics, skills, and performance on an international scale. 

This visibility helps make data-driven decisions regarding talent acquisition development and succession planning.

Offers employee self-service 

Employees can independently manage tasks such as updating personal information, accessing payslips, or requesting time off, all through a user-friendly interface.

This reduces the administrative burden on HR teams and streamlines processes, allowing employees to address their needs promptly.

Time and cost savings

While there is an initial investment in implementing a global HRIS, the long-term benefits often result in significant cost and time savings. Automation reduces manual workload, minimizes errors, and optimizes processes. 

HR experts can concentrate more on strategic initiatives because of this efficiency.

Collaboration and communication

Global HRIS platforms often include features that facilitate collaboration and communication among geographically dispersed teams. 

This interconnectedness contributes to a more engaged and connected global workforce. 

How to choose the best global HRIS software

Selecting the right global HRIS software requires careful consideration of various factors:

  • Scalability. Ensure the system can adapt to the evolving needs of a growing global workforce.
  • Compliance. Verify that the software complies with local labor laws and data privacy regulations across regions.
  • Easy integration. Look for seamless integration capabilities with existing systems and applications.
  • Vendor support. Assess the vendor’s reliability, support, and commitment to ongoing updates and maintenance.
  • User-friendly interface – Evaluate the user interface and navigation of the global HRIS. Consider also an option with mobile accessibility.
  • Reporting and analytics – The global HRIS should provide customizable reports, dashboards, and analytics that offer meaningful insights into your human resources.
  • Security and data protection – Prioritize data security and compliance, especially since you will be managing data across different countries. 
Security and data protection
How to choose the best global HRIS software

By considering these factors with key stakeholders, you can find the global HRIS software that best aligns with your needs and supports your HR operations effectively. 

Streamlining operations with a global HRIS

A well-implemented global HRIS catalyzes efficiency, consistency, and strategic decision-making in managing a diverse workforce spread across the globe.

This technology makes operations smoother, ensures compliance, and enables HR professionals to concentrate on innovative initiatives for organizational success.

As more businesses escalate to global expansion and its accompanying complexities, implementing a global HRIS paves the way for a strategic game plan.

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