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What is enrollment management?

What is enrollment management

Outsourcing is one of the most efficient and cost-friendly processes that any organization can do, even educational institutions.

One of the common services you can outsource for your school or university is enrollment management. It ensures that your school is able to attract and retain students while also keeping track of various statistics and data.

This article explains the process of enrollment management and how you can create your own strategy for your school or university.

Defining enrollment management

Enrollment management is a comprehensive approach to managing, planning, and marketing educational enrollment services. This includes monitoring admissions, student services, student data and information, and finances.

Enrollment management takes care of the administrative tasks. At the same time, enrollment management experts also develop strategies to bring in new students and retain old ones, which is the key to the school’s growth and success.

Defining enrollment management
Defining enrollment management

Key components of enrollment management

Enrollment management has several moving parts that drive positive results to any school, university, or institution. 

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Here are the main components to take note of:

Admissions management

Part of enrollment management is keeping track of student admissions. This involves overseeing the student’s application process and overall experience.

Besides the current students, this part of the process looks into attracting prospective students who are looking to enroll.

Financial aid and scholarships

The financial background of students is critical to the enrollment process. It provides transparency on the school’s fees so that applicants can be guided in their decision-making.

It is important to take into consideration financial aid packages, scholarship opportunities, and other miscellaneous costs to prevent financial barriers and promote a diverse student body.

Marketing and promotions

Enrollment management involves creating a branding strategy. Third-party providers may also cover promoting the school’s strengths, educational promises, and other unique features in order to draw prospective students.

Student support services

Every student has different needs, and enrollment management is about providing support and attending to each student. This includes providing counseling, wellness programs, or academic support.

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Tips for successful enrollment management

Any university or educational institution can create an enrollment management program with the right steps. Here are some quick tips to help you out:

1. Create a clear plan or strategy

Your enrollment management strategy must start with a clear plan. It will serve as your Bible throughout the entire process.

This is where you will include your school’s mission and vision, branding, target market, and specific tactics or ideas to attract students and achieve your goals.

2. Tracking metrics and data

It is important to keep track of relevant metrics and data in order to make objective, data-driven decisions. Some metrics to look at include:

  • Number of applicants
  • Yield rate
  • Retention rate
  • Parent feedback
  • Graduation rate
  • Drop out rate

These metrics can provide insights and areas for improvement in the following years. They can help guide new strategies and tactics for improving applicant experience.

3. Collaborate with other departments

Usually, the enrollment services department or admissions department would be the one leading these efforts for the school. However, other departments can also contribute ways to ease the enrollment process.

Including other departments gives you a holistic and cohesive enrollment process, as each department offers unique perspectives and expertise that help the school.

4. Personalized communication

No one likes a one-size-fits-all response when expressing concerns or asking questions. Remember to give personalized responses to each student and their families to build trust and strong relationships.

This may include direct phone calls with the applicant or utilizing social media to gain the student’s attention regarding announcements or updates.

Personalized communication
Tips for successful enrollment management

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