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5 reasons to outsource EMR management

On any given day, hundreds of patients may pass through a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare establishment. This translates to thousands of medical records kept in storage that should be ready for use whenever needed. 

Thankfully, the days of storing paper documents in aisles of filing cabinets have passed, and many organizations rely on electronic systems. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management has become a critical task in healthcare. 

However, with the increasing demands of maintaining and optimizing these systems, many are faced with the decision of whether to handle EMR management internally or outsource it. 

This article examines the top reasons to outsource EMR management. And if this is something you’re considering, Clark Staff is an excellent partner to journey with. 

What is EMR management?

EMR management concerns all the processes and practices involved in effectively handling and overseeing electronic medical records. 

EMRs are digital versions of a patient’s healthcare chart containing information like:

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  • Medical histories
  • Diagnoses
  • Test results
  • Medications

EMR management itself encompasses a range of tasks, such as data entry, organization, and analysis of digital patient information. Effective EMR management ensures that these records are accurate, accessible, and secure. 

This task contributes to supporting better patient care and clinical decision-making. 

What is EMR management
What is EMR management

Challenges of EMR management 

In-house EMR management poses several challenges, including: 

Heavy expenses

Maintaining in-house EMR systems requires dedicated resources and upfront investments in infrastructure, software licenses, and ongoing training. These elements can strain the organization’s budget. 

Lack of knowledge 

EMR management demands professionals who are able to operate sophisticated and multifaceted EMR systems. It can be a struggle to recruit and retain personnel of this caliber. 

Inadequate data security and privacy 

Healthcare organizations must protect sensitive patient data. This task requires complex security measures that many groups may not be capable of providing. 

Complying with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR further adds complexity. 

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Fluctuating demand issues

Healthcare groups may encounter difficulty in scaling their EMR systems to accommodate growing patient volumes or expanding their operations. 

In-house EMR management needs resource allocation and upgrades, making it less flexible and agile. 

Ongoing maintenance and updates 

It’s a continuous task to keep EMR software up-to-date with the latest patches and security updates. In-house teams may find themselves disrupted and diverted from other priorities. 

Addressing these challenges often calls for weighty investments of time, money, and people. As a result, many are utilizing outsourcing as a new strategy to overcome these hurdles. 

5 reasons to outsource EMR management

Outsourcing EMR management offers several appealing benefits, many of which directly answer the most common challenges faced by healthcare organizations. 

These reasons are: 

1. Cost efficiency 

Outsourcing EMR management can provide significant cost savings. It eliminates the need for healthcare groups to invest in expensive infrastructure, hardware, and personnel for ongoing maintenance. 

Additionally, outsourcing providers often offer flexible pricing models. These allow their clients to pay for only the services they need, which reduces overall expenses. 

2. Access to specialized expertise 

EMR management needs a high level of technical expertise and knowledge of industry best practices. Specifically, those handling this task must be capable in the areas of healthcare IT, data management, and compliance. 

Outsourcing firms typically employ experts with proficiency in managing EMR systems and staying updated with the latest requirements. Access to this expertise enables organizations to benefit from that experience. 

Clark Staff vets its dedicated staff, deploying those with a medical background and prior experience.  

3. Enhanced security and compliance 

Data security is a major concern, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Outsourcing EMR management to reputable service providers helps mitigate risks and prevent harmful incidents like:

These firms implement reliable security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular backups. They also handle many responsibilities related to all forms of compliance. 

4. Scalability and flexibility

Service providers have the capacity to handle the fluctuations in demand that healthcare organizations frequently experience. They’re able to do this without requiring significant investments in infrastructure or downtime. 

Outsourcing enables you to be scalable and flexible, ensuring seamless operation and uninterrupted access to EMR management systems. 

5. Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing EMR management allows healthcare organizations to focus their efforts on their own core clinical activities and patient care. 

Offloading this responsibility to a partner like Clark Staff should result in streamlined, quality healthcare services to improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall experience. 

5 reasons to outsource EMR management
5 reasons to outsource EMR management

Outsourcing EMR management through Clark Staff

Look no further for a partner to handle your EMR management needs. Clark Staff is prepared to manage your medical outsourcing needs. 

Aside from EMR management, Clark Staff also offers these services:

  • Medical assistant
  • Pharmacy and insurance liaison
  • Scribe 
  • Virtual nurse  

Your team of remote medical staff is ready to help you in these matters. Contact Clark Staff today!

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