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How composable architecture can help your business

Composable architecture is a term for a tech ecosystem built by independent, modular parts that communicate with each other. By mixing and matching different components, you enjoy unprecedented versatility. 

Gartner believes that by 2024, 70% of large and medium-sized businesses will adopt composability in their tech endeavors.

Composable architecture can help your business adapt rapidly. This is particularly helpful for fast-changing industries requiring quick deployment. 

Get started with this approach and learn how it can help your business.

How composable architecture can help your business

Composable architecture from MACH concepts

MACH is an acronym for microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless. It is a set of principles covering new and best-of-breed platforms. The association between composable architecture and MACH has been too widespread, and misconceptions have arisen.

It’s worth noting that the two are not interchangeable. Instead, it’s better to think of composable architecture as a setup that can be implemented using MACH principles. 

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Although other principles are available, MACH remains one of the most straightforward approaches to reaching composability.

Below are the main aspects of MACH and how they can help you achieve a composable architecture:


Microservices refer to small and standalone services or applications. They are independently built and managed. Microservices often focus on a single functionality and are used to build more complex apps.

They are often packaged in a container and often include an API gateway to allow them to communicate with other microservices.


Application Programming Interface (API) allows different programs to communicate with each other. In a MACH-driven environment, APIs bridge different microservices together by sending and receiving requests from related apps.

Connecting single-function microservices through APIs allows you to enjoy increasingly sophisticated applications. Current technologies enable developers to connect apps without the need to understand and modify each program in detail.


To reap the benefits of a composable ecosystem, all of its components should be built in or made available in the cloud. 

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This means that strictly on-premise options are not advisable. By keeping everything in the cloud, it’s easier to scale any project. Also, it is faster to align every part of your project in a cloud-native environment.

More importantly, maintaining all parts of your project in the cloud lets you access them anytime, anywhere. This makes MACH-driven environments versatile and even more configurable.


Headlessness refers to the separation of the front end, or the head, from the back end. By decoupling the traditional structure, systems have greater flexibility in adapting user experiences.

Headless technologies also mean that systems can be managed entirely from the back-end side, leaving end-users to couple programs with a different front-end technology of their own choosing.

How composable architecture can help businesses in the information age

How can this technological framework help you grow your business? There is no single answer, as adapting composable architecture will require a holistic paradigm shift. 

From design and operations to finances and logistics, here’s how composability serves your enterprise:

Drive revenue

Adopting new tools or technologies always comes with a cost, which business owners expect to recoup one way or another. 

Composable architecture is a main component of the omnichannel experience, which means you reach more customers. Greater brand awareness is converted to a greater market reach, leading to better conversion numbers.

Promote better customer experience

Providing the best-in-class features and functionalities gives your customers the best experience possible. By keeping your very architecture flexible, your development teams can quickly respond to customer concerns and retract and redeploy microservices as needed.

Improve operational efficiency

In a business, downtime means lost opportunities and revenue, and composability helps minimize these losses. 

By enabling the reuse of existing code elements, your developers no longer need to rewrite or re-upload microservices or realign APIs to adapt to your changing requirements.

Similarly, an ecosystem built from small and modular components is much easier to maintain and troubleshoot. It also makes it easier to add new functions through additional microservices, keeping your entire project scalable. 

Future-proof your organization

Think of your composable system as a massive machine where you can put in and take out parts as needed. 

Whenever new technologies are available, you can easily swap them out for your existing parts. This ensures that you can keep your infrastructure updated with best-in-class services and functionalities.

How composable architecture can help businesses in the information age

Find a trusted provider of composable architecture services today

Businesses that can leverage emerging technologies will certainly have an advantage over their competitors. 

Adopting a composable architecture for your enterprise lets you keep up with the latest technologies and enjoy its benefits. More importantly, it improves both the employee and the user experience.

If you’re looking to adopt composable architecture while saving on the technological and financial requirements, you can outsource your digital transition to a capable service provider. 

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