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A guide to AWS cloud practitioner salary around the world

Cloud computing has become essential for businesses seeking efficient and scalable solutions. This comes as organizations rely more on it to store and manage their data. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds a prominent position among the leading cloud service providers. As companies embrace AWS, the demand for skilled professionals who can navigate its ecosystem has surged. 

This article explores an AWS cloud practitioner’s role, why businesses need them, and how they relate across various industries. Morse so, discover how much an AWS cloud practitioner salary costs worldwide.

  1. India
  2. United States
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. United Kingdom

What does an AWS cloud practitioner do?

An AWS cloud practitioner validates an individual’s understanding of AWS cloud concepts and services. 

It’s an entry-level certification for those with a foundational knowledge of AWS and its core offerings. These experts typically work with developers, system administrators, and other IT professionals. 

AWS cloud practitioners are equipped to demonstrate the value of cloud computing. They understand AWS architectural best practices and can comprehend the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

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Some of the primary tasks of an AWS cloud practitioner include:

  • Designing, deploying, and maintaining AWS-based solutions
  • Ensuring AWS infrastructure is secure, scalable, and highly available
  • Verifying that AWS is integrated and optimized for various applications
  • Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the AWS environment
  • Understanding the basics of AWS security and compliance
What does an AWS cloud practitioner do?

Why businesses need an AWS cloud practitioner

AWS cloud practitioners are essential for businesses that use the Amazon cloud computing platform. They help enterprises optimize their AWS infrastructure and reduce costs. This ensures that the AWS environment is secure and compliant with industry standards. 

AWS cloud practitioners also help companies integrate AWS with their existing IT infrastructure. 

AWS cloud practitioner’s role in various industries

AWS cloud practitioners are in high demand across various industries. It’s due to the versatility of Amazon’s cloud computing platform. 

Let’s explore their role in some key sectors:


AWS cloud practitioners play a vital role in improving patient care, facilitating medical research, and optimizing operations in the healthcare sector. 

They leverage AWS to store and process vast amounts of patient data securely. This permits healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions. 

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Additionally, AWS enables the seamless integration of electronic health records (EHR). As a result, it fosters collaboration and enhances overall healthcare outcomes.


AWS cloud practitioners are instrumental in the financial services industry. This sector is where security, compliance, and scalability are critical. These professionals design and implement secure cloud infrastructures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of financial data. 

Furthermore, they can leverage AWS analytics services to gain insights into market trends, perform risk analysis, and enhance fraud detection mechanisms.

Retail and e-commerce

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, AWS cloud practitioners enable businesses to deliver seamless and personalized customer experiences. 

They use AWS to build robust and scalable online retail platforms. It helps expand availability, practice efficient inventory management, and allow for reliable payment processing. 

AWS cloud practitioners also utilize machine learning and data analytics to provide personalized product recommendations. Therefore, they aid in driving customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

AWS cloud practitioner’s role in various industries

AWS cloud practitioner salary in selected countries

Here’s a quick overview of the AWS cloud practitioner salary in different countries:


According to Shiprocket, Amazon has over 100 million users registered in India. As a rapidly growing IT hub, the South Asian nation has seen a significant surge in adopting AWS. 

Here’s what the AWS cloud practitioner salary looks like in India:

₹ 4.0 LPA/yearAverage annual salary based on 125 reportsAmbitionBox
₹29,531-₹30,852/monthEstimated monthly take-home salary
₹ 7 LPA/yearAverage base annual salaryGlassdoor

United States

Being the birthplace of AWS, the United States has a mature and thriving market for its services. In 2021, Zippia reported Amazon made up 56.1% of all e-commerce sales in the country.

Here’s what the AWS cloud practitioner salary looks like in the US:

$85,866/yearAverage annual salary of entry-level AWS cloud practitionerZipRecruiter
$7,155/monthAverage monthly salary of entry-level AWS cloud practitioner
$142,772/yearAverage annual salary of senior-level AWS cloud practitionerKnowledgeHut
$11,261/monthAverage monthly salary of a base-level AWS cloud practitioner
$89,643/yearAverage annual salary of a base-level AWS cloud practitioner


Pro-Merit found 72% of the 28.1 million Canadians that made online purchases in 2019 shopped on Amazon. As a result, local businesses have widely adopted AWS to enhance their operational efficiency, agility, and innovation.

Here’s what the AWS cloud practitioner salary looks like in Canada:

$99,411/yearAverage annual salary of AWS cloud engineer based on five reportsIndeed
$150,000/yearHighest reported annual salary 
$49,000/yearLowest reported annual salary 
$141,661/yearAverage annual salary of AWS cloud practitioner based on 1209 recordsTalent.com
$155,928/yearHighest reported annual salary
$123,557/yearLowest reported annual salary 


Amazon’s cloud computing platform in China is delivered through the AWS China (Beijing) Region and the AWS China (Ningxia) Region

Local partners operate these regional branches. This enables Chinese businesses to leverage AWS technologies while complying with local regulations and data sovereignty requirements.

Here’s what the AWS cloud practitioner salary looks like in China:

$65,000/yearGross annual income in USD for AWS certified cloud practitionerAlcor
$80,000/year Gross annual income in USD for AWS associate certified solutions architect 
$83,000/yearGross annual income in USD for AWS professional certified solutions architect 

United Kingdom

A report by The Guardian revealed that almost 90% of UK shoppers use Amazon. This means the United Kingdom has seen widespread adoption of AWS across industries.

Here’s what the AWS cloud practitioner salary looks like in the UK:

£48,750/yearMedian annual salary for an AWS certified cloud practitioner in the UK, excluding LondonIT Jobs Watch
£56,250/yearMedian annual salary for an AWS certified cloud practitioner in London
£28k/yearAverage annual salary based on location and cost of livingKnowledgeHut

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