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What is the future of the animation industry?

The animation industry continues to grow—with professionals putting on more years of experience under their belt. The industry has surpassed each milestone that it made for itself.

Since the industry’s inception in the 1800s, animators and artists alike has progressed with the devices and techniques they use. From claymation to 3D animation, artists put their whole hearts into each project.

It’s safe to say that the animation industry’s future is looking bright.

How big is the animation industry?

According to Precedence Research, the size of the global animation market in 2020 was US$354.7 billion. While that’s already a huge growth from the previous years, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. It is projected to hit about twice its current value by 2030.

Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the animation industry consists of about 67,000 multimedia artists and animators.

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network Studios are just a few of the biggest names in animation. These companies have affected the industry in ways that many lives were touched and changed.

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How big is the animation industry

Defining the animation industry in the 21st century

The animation industry, just like any other sector in the world of entertainment, took a dip during the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the onset, many studios were forced to shut down. This affected several ongoing projects. However, productivity quickly perked back up once everyone settled in with the new remote work setup.

This is also the time when animation outsourcing is largely coming to light. As animation jobs stay in demand, outsourcing agencies, like Sourcefit, which specializes in this area of expertise, have capitalized on this continuous need to expand—allowing animation studios to offload jobs from their main site.

Where to outsource animation production

Even the biggest names in the sector have ventured into outsourcing their projects. It’s hard to say no to a business model that pushes cost-effectivity and quality at the same time.

Overview of outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process of offloading several job responsibilities and roles to external companies or individuals. They can also be freelancers and independent contractors. 

More and more industries and companies are venturing into this cost-effective business model. Outsourcing companies have trained professionals suited to any industry, with different functions serving to ease the burden of in-house teams.

At Sourcefit, they help businesses engage their customers with unique and attractive visuals that match their project goals for a fraction of the cost.

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Given these, animation outsourcing is a surefire way to stay within deadlines and produce quality output. The next sections are the top countries with booming outsourcing industries.


The Philippines is known as the world’s call center capital, but did you know that creative outsourcing agencies have started accepting animation jobs as well?

Several agencies, studios, and individual animators have been working on projects for some of the biggest contenders in the animation sector.

The animation sector in the Philippines is one of the fastest-growing. From Barangay 143 to the Netflix hit Trese, the Filipino animation industry is well-rooted in culture and heritage.


Japan is considered one of the countries that pioneered animation. From mangas to anime series and movies, the Japanese animation industry is as strong as its Western counterparts.

The country is well-known for its technological advancements and stringent work ethics. Western companies usually have their pick of the best studios to work with.


With India’s outstanding workers and a growing number of experts, it’s not surprising that most companies, not just animation studios, will flock to the country.

The future of animation is bright in India—with its enormous labor force potential.

Is the animation industry growing?

With millions of multimedia arts graduates each year, along with self-taught artists, it’s safe to say that the animation industry is indeed growing.

Despite the challenges of the new era, projections for the next decade are still bright and promising. There is still a growing interest in animated shows and even animation in video games. 

Freelancers, independent contractors, and salaried animators have been working on projects non-stop. Be it for an indie, up-and-coming animation studio, or one of the big guns; the opportunities are endless.

Is the animation industry growing

COVID-19’s impact on the animation industry

As mentioned above, the pandemic hit the animation industry as it did other sectors. According to Interreg Europe, “a number of mid to [large-sized] regional studios reported a 10% to 30% decline in productivity for technical, management and organizational reasons.”

Because of the sudden changes in working conditions (e.g., telecommuting and working from home) most projects were put on pause until everyone has had the time to adjust. 

While the rest of the world is still reeling from the long-term effects of the pandemic, some industries prove that they can withstand even the most severe changes. And the animation sector is among them.

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